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  1. Well, I am *slightly* partial to a Stoeger M3K...you can't go wrong that that, or a benelli, or a Breda, once they all get worked on correctly, they only have minor differences!
  2. Haha, keep an eye on the Hard As Hell multigun series, I'll post here if it ever comes up!
  3. I just won't ever use anything else! It locks on the ejection port, it's solid, and safariland holsters won't break on you!
  4. Being a fan of the slightly-futuristic, I really do hope they do, I think it's quite possible, just maybe a few more years!
  5. You could even do a "BFG" with a Can cannon, and yes, ammo pickups being staged, possible a double barrel stage gun, this is something I'll try and make happen as best I can ?
  6. I've had slam fires too with hiperfiresin, in the week I had one in my rifle for testing. so I guess +1 to that. I've never had one in 5 years with the Gold ?
  7. So much of it could be summed up as: preference + budget = trigger I wouldn't use anything other than AR Gold if I could, but you can't have $250 triggers in every AR! I end up switching my main lower around to different uppers most of the time. I've always felt CMC has some great sub $100 options, and oddly, I will never use a Geissele SD3G for 3 gun, it just has too much movement and is too heavy for me to comfortably shoot any groups zeroing, or shoot long range, but maybe that's me? Hiperfire has some good ones too for the money, but I don't think I'll EVER pay more than the 250 for an AR gold on another trigger.
  8. I'm not the most knowledgeable when it comes to the relationship with eyebox and parralax, but doesn't a bigger eyebox(move movement of your head) generally mean more parralax? I personally don't have a problem with the eyebox on any of the guns I've set up, I think getting the correct relationship between the scope position, stock position, and head position is more important!
  9. If you want to invest in a system, there's really 2 main options, ELS, off Bladetech Tek-Lok. The ELS are screwed in place on the belt, while the teklok clip on and be be adjusted as much or as little as you need them. Both are easy to take on and off, putting the correct side of Velcro on the tekloks is a good idea if you go that route. The tekloks are also a bit cheaper, but they hold up well, I'm easily over 125 matches with mine!
  10. Having one of each is a great idea, what you end up working on is important too!
  11. This isn't the most economic option, but brake cleaner ain't the safest if you get it on your hands, and the years add up. Looking for alternatives like the Lucas oil contact cleaner or other ways can be good options! ...or just buy it by the biggest case you can! ?
  12. I use the peltor tac 500, decent Bluetooth, I really like them. Use it all the time during dry firing and practice and zeroing, as well as on deck, etc, any times I just want to drown out silence. I find I always want the song to start perfectly, like that scene in baby driver where he looks for a radio station ? so I don't do it when shooting seriously!
  13. AK pistol...8.5" with a comp...it just goes boom, that's about it. But honestly, super soft shooting with a big flash!
  14. Very true! Both are great options, because they both sell! It's like PC vs. Mac ? both get the job done better than a calculator/leather belt!
  15. Very true, there's always something else to pick up, it's most likely splitting %'s.
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