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  1. It seems to me you would want a pin narrow enough that it does not stick in the small primer anvil??? You might want to test different small primers to see if you can find a brand that is less susceptible to sticking.
  2. If wider the decapping pin sticks on the primer anvil. That's why you need the smaller (narrow) pin for small primers. I would buy a couple of the smaller pins and test them to see how fast you can reload before they start to bend on your press. Ps. Just had a thought, start using 10mm brass trimmed to 40 S&W length. 10mm uses large primers and you should be able to run your press at full speed.
  3. Very good point. The Mark 7 primer sense stops the press if it does not see a spent primer. Hopefully Mark 7 can design a shell plate sense. If the shell plate does not advance the Press stops.
  4. The 3 primer adjustment steps are on page 21 of the PDF manual. Figure 17: The 3 Primer Adjustments locations page 22
  5. Thanks Good to hear If I had kept my Evolution order I had planned to order the 2nd guide pin as soon as DDA shipped my Evolution. Ps. That was a good reminder. I just went and emptied my shopping cart of all the things I planned to order from Mark 7. ?
  6. Thanks everyone, for all the well wishes. On 08/07/18 the pet scan was great and everything looked fine as my original (left Lung) cancer was gone? copy and paste from my doctors notes. 11/01/18 "There is new indistinct hypermetabolic activity at the sacrum, left pubic symphysis," (Tail Bone) "New hypermetabolic osseous lesions are worrisome for metastases." Plus some lymph nodes have increased in size.? ?I have not given up hope even though my survival chances have worsened.? Did my infusion treatment today. This Chemo is to boost my immune system. I'll have dreams tonight ordering my immune system to work overtime.? I will still reload with a new XL 650 I ordered today. Told my son ( He does not reload) to sell it for my wife when I pass. Cancelling the case roll sizer and Evolution leaves a big chunk of change in our bank account for the wife. I'm 81 and have had a great life. Retired Army, Retired Civil Service. (combined both for retirement)? Would have passed a long time ago but gave up drinking in 1969 and smoking in 1981? Norm
  7. To anyone interested in an Evolution Press. DAA might have one available at the old price? Plus it would probably ship this week. I had bad news from my Oncologist on 11/1/2018. So I cancelled my DAA Evolution 10mm order this morning. The difference in 10Mm and 40 S&W is large primer instead of a 40 S&W small primer. Also canceled my case roller order.
  8. jcwallace84 posts start about two thirds of the way down page 3 and continue on to page 4. The first picture on page three shows the shipping box on his porch. https://www.ar15.com/forums/armory/Mark-7-Reloading-s-new-Evolution-Pro-press/42-488088/&page=3 Ps. All his posts are a good read.
  9. I am taking the Evolution gamble but still a little worried. No parts list in the manual. I really hope they have a parts list available and parts available for purchase by the time the one year warranty expires. That's my big gamble. My Hornady Lock N Load has every part listed in the manual with a part number if needing to order. I can't get information from Tec support until my Press arrives and I have a serial number. I only have 14 days to get all needed information after my press arrives. If I am not satisfied I loose all my shipping costs if I return the press. I sure wish I could buy parts if needed but sales says no.
  10. True if Mark 7 continues to make up for the deficiencies they have had so far and any deficiencies that show up down the line. Ps. I sure hope they have all their presses deficiencies corrected before the one year warranty expires.
  11. You have to buy it. "Mark 7® Offloading System Price Your Price: $99.95" https://www.markvii-loading.com/Mark-7-Offloading-System_p_35.html Ps. Only works with: 1050 X, 1050 Pro, 1050 LTE, Evolution Pro, Revolution
  12. Plus no after market parts. Hopefully in a year or two. My decision on the Evolution is Yea. Hopefully it arrives early next month, as a pallet load of 8 units are supposed to be shipped to DAA early next week.
  13. I wished I was only 320 miles from DAA. I'm 2,821 miles away, shipping will take awhile. Plus shipping costs will probably be a bit higher.
  14. WooPee I am number 8 on the DAA list.
  15. Just out of curiosity did the Evolution Pro come with a handle. If so you could put the motor in neutral and run manually until everything is set up and working perfectly.
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