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  1. Plot twist, I got an email from David at CGW... "All our kits that end in the number "5" use the factory CZ Competition hammer, which is 100% IDPA Production Legal. So if you installed our 75115, you are compliant and no further upgrades. SSP should also allow our 75115, which again, uses the factory competition hammer." I'm just gonna print that email and quit my bellyaching. Happy New Years!
  2. @earlkeese... that was the original point of my post, the 10040 hammer is "IDPA Compliant" but when I emailed them it was "not IDPA approved" Really great product, really shady marketing... but it worked, they got my money. In the words of George W... “There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again.”
  3. GTG for SSP or ESP? I know im splitting hairs, I should just buy a magwell and run cocked and locked in ESP lol. Most Tier I matches would never notice... I want to run in the CO IDPA Champs Match in August, and at that point I feel like I should have my act together.
  4. Also, IDPA is just the gateway drug... All hardcore users started somewhere lol
  5. So, dumb question (that's probably answered elsewhere), other than decocking, what is the performance differences between the stock hammer and what I have installed? I've looked for the "Combat Hammer" online with no luck. The difference between SSP and ESP is 2 seconds in MM and 1 second in SS... I can make up that one second by aiming and it would be a lot cheaper than buying another part for a gun that's already running smooth.
  6. So i'm a bit confused by CGWs use of IDPA, "Production", and "Legal" What is the "CZ-UB" Hammer? (https://cajungunworks.com/product/production-legal-drop-in-hammer-kit/) "CZ-UB production legal manual safety hammer kit utilizing the CZC hammer" (https://czcustom.com/cz-parts-all/fire-control/cz-sa-da-sa-only-competition-hammer.html) Is this a hammer from the custom shop or is the a hammer available that on a production pistol that would qualify as a drop in part from another SSP pistol? I installed the 75115 Production Legal Kit: 10040 Production Legal Hammer Kit (complies with IDPA & USPSA). NOTE: the CGW Race hammer 80001 is USPSA legal, please enter “80001” in the comments section during checkout if you want to substitute the 80001 hammer for the 10040 hammer. 1485-T2 disconnector TR-PIN RP-TRS 85C Combat trigger SRS-1 2 x HPIN 2 x 28 grip screw I asked CGW customer service for some documentation on where their hammer came from and I got this reply: "The race hammer is our part and is not IDPA approved. You would only be able to use a CZ factory hammer like the competition hammer to remain legal in that class." I'm torn, I love how the gun handles but I didn't realized that I had disqualified myself from SSP. Anyone else in this boat? I hate that I bought a product that "complies with IDPA" just to find out it is "not IDPA approved."
  7. Follow Up: I took some 1500 grit and polished where the sear engaged the hammer and fixed the problem. I polished maybe .002 off and it fixed the problem.
  8. @arkdia Thanks, that's just the diagram I was looking for! @Tok36 Thanks for the tip, I'm going to dig into the problem tonight and see what I can find.
  9. My search skills are failing me: At some point I had seen a link to animated GIFs of how single and double action 75s work. For the life of me, I cant find the link. If anyone could share again it would be appreciated. Why im looking: With the last round in the chamber and the magazine follower pressing up on the slide lock, my last trigger pull in Single Action wont break. If I apply downward pressure on the slide release lever (round chambered, not locked back) it applies a slight amount of pressure to the trigger bar and Single Action Breaks. The Firearm: CZ SP-01 with a Manual Safety CGW 75115 Production Legal Kit (Self Installed) What I HAVE done: Installed the 75117 Kit I was having an issue where the Double Action would not break, I found a post on here showing where to "heavy polish" a few .001s off the disco wing... problem solved. Fixed a "light strike" issue by learning the importance of properly seating my primers while reloading. Searched the carpet of my living room with a magnet for springs that did not want to stay put. What I HAVE NOT done: Called David at CGW Taken the gun to an actual professional at the LGS I've really loved my SP-01 and installing the Production Legal Kit was a blast. I know the Single Action breaking is related to the trigger bar, im just not sure where. I'm not above actually bringing it to a professional, I just want to take a stab at tuning it myself first. If anyone has any pointers, I'm all ears. Thanks in advance. Cheers!
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