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  1. If you don't mind me asking, was it because of the weight of the PRS? I've had them on a few rifles, but the only one's I didn't mind having that weight on there were the Rem 700 and Savage 10 I had them on. They were just bench guns, so didn't carry them more than the distance from the parking lot to the range. Had one on an AR for a bit, but didn't like the balance.
  2. Luckily I was able to try one out first (a buddy bought one). It was fun to shoot, but after a box of shells I was good. For me, it just wasn't something I'd get a ton of use out of.
  3. One of these popped up at a shop near my work. I'm kicking myself for not snagging it while I was there. Wen't back a few days later, and it was gone. I really liked the feel of it. I'm digging the PRS stock on yours.
  4. Adjusted my post to actually add the link (sorry), but thought I'd link a pic directly (not mine, but taken from the thread I referenced).
  5. Nice work! I've been thinking about getting stippling done on mine, am using grip tape for now, but might have to check that out.
  6. Here's an older thread on it. Has some pics starting with post #5. EDITED: Really does help if I actually add the link.
  7. The double layer is what does it for me. They are just solid holsters. I have others that feel more refined, but I prefer the RHT.
  8. Elgin


    I have big wide hobbit feat, so I mostly wear Keens. Super comfortable (especially for wide feet), light, and good traction. The one with KEENDry (Gortex like membrane) are great for wet conditions, but definitely go a version without in hot dry conditions. They breath much better.
  9. I have a match elite, so I had the same issue. I was looking at the LOK grips too, but I was told they don't make them for the large frame witness. I ended up buying the lava grips. They are really thin, which I like a lot, and, in my opinion, feel much better than the stock rubber. Unfortunately, not too many other options that I could find.
  10. CDNN seams to be about the cheapest right now, although, I think the price just went up from $29.99 the other day. Taylor Freelance makes excellent base pads. I also like the UTG +0, and you can find those cheap on Amazon sometimes. I recently picked up some black and some blue ones for less than $9 each as "add-on" items. While I like the UTG a lot, they're made in the US, and I think the quality is excellent, for full price I would stick with the TF.
  11. Not sure if this would work for you, but here's one. https://freedomsmith.com/shop?olsPage=t%2Far15
  12. Got the holster yesterday. Not nearly as robust as the RHT I have for my Canik, but it's nicely made, and fits well. The knob I had in the parts bin, so I threw it on.
  13. Decided to set mine up for CO, and threw a Vortex Viper on it. The more I shoot it, the more I like it. Still want to try an Apex in it, when they have one available. Also, decided to try my Canik mags with the Taylor Freelance extensions. No function issues during the 200rds I shot. Doesn't lock back the slide, but that's fine with me. Trying to decide if I should make a sleeve for the mags, since they stick out a bit. Ordered a holster from Dara on the 7th, and it should be here tomorrow.
  14. I was specifically looking for a steel frame gun, and had been intrigued by the Q5, so that's why I went with it. Advantage over the Q5? Only thing I've seen so far is the weight, but some may see that as a drawback. I think if I already had a Q5, I probably would have gone another route for a steel frame gun.
  15. I recently picked up a TP9SFL for a good price, and figured it would be a good backup for my SFX, but looking at the production list, I do not see it. I'm wonder if they are planning on having it added or not. It's basically an SFX without the optic cutout. Has anyone tried using one for production? Still new to this, but wondering what it takes to get a gun added? Thanks!
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