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  1. Hi pcar157, is the trigger SAO? I'd love to have one if it's DA/SA. Thanks.
  2. Thanks, pcar157. Is the link below what you bought? Unfortnately it say does not fit S2 Optical Ready and that is what I try to install Romeo 1 Pro. Is there another plate? https://czcustom.com/rds-plate-romeo1-pro.html
  3. Hi pcar157, what exactly the mounting plate did you get? I bought a plate for Delta Point Pro but the boss posts are different. I will have to grind off them to put Romeo 1 Pro on but not sure if this will cause any red dot drift when shooting. Thanks.
  4. Finally figured out: polish the disconnection and the issue is completely resolved. Put back the reduced seat spring and works fine.
  5. I have the same issue. Is it "C" area I am supposed to polish? Thanks.
  6. Thanks but I'm afraid that will bring the issue back. I have various iteration and figure out it's the trade-off between the pull weight and this problem. It's quite obvious the issue is essentially a hammer and sear fitting/alignment issue, an out of box luck. I tried searching in this forum on hammer/sear adjustment but couldn't find much about it.
  7. Update: I swapped back to stock sear spring and the issue is improved by ~80%, with both DA/SA pull both increased by half pound that I can live with (6lb/2lb). I switched to 13lb hammer spring and the problem is completely gone. Unfortunately the DA pull becomes 7.5lb and it’s too heavy for me. I guess this shadow 2 sear assembly just happens to have low tolerance of reduced power hammer spring compared to my other one which handles the reduced sear spring and 11lb hammer spring.
  8. Thanks! I will try to switch back to the stock sear spring and see if it helps. The reduced trigger return spring and the reduced sear spring are from Mcarbo. The 11.5lb hammer spring is from Cajun. I have them installed and I've done these quite a few times with no problem. I have my other Shadow 2 with the exact the same setup and have no issue at all.
  9. I will try my best to describe the problem with my Shadow 2. I swapped to 11.5lb hammer spring and installed reduced trigger return spring and reduced sear spring in this Shadow 2. It's 5.5lb in DA and 1.5lb in SA, very nice. However after ~500 rounds the problem started showing up. In SA, if I pull the trigger slowly, the sear would release the hammer prematurely without the full force. Then the trigger bounces my finger back with a fairly strong force (it's definitely from the hammer spring, not the trigger return spring). And then the hammer would drop halfway, held there as my finger still on the trigger pressing it. I have to pull the trigger again which is already in the DA mode to let the hammer raise and drop to fire the round. I shoot IPSC and this problem becomes very annoying and definitely slows me down. In DA there is no issue. In SA if I pull the trigger quickly this is no issue. I also notice if I lubricate the sear assembly it becomes much worse. I have another shadow 2 with the same setup and does not have this issue at all. What do you think the issue is and any suggestions for a fix? Thanks.
  10. Can you let me know what Dawson sight you are using. Do you have a link? I browsed Dawson's website but don't think I could find one for Sig 1911 TSE. The front sight of TSE has a tiny pin at the front to fix it to the barrel however I'm not sure any Dawson sight has it. Is there a pin in your Max? I think I'm fine with the white dot in the front but the overall sight is a bit thick for me. I prefer thinner one (red fiber is even better but not a must). Thanks
  11. I do take the 80 plunger and the spring off from the slide, no big deal, just leave a hole on the slide and it reduce the trigger pull by 1lb. I can also keep them andcut some coils off the spring but I choose the other way for simplicity. I leave the other two 80 parts in the lower. It's in difference to keep them or replace them with a Tj spacer. I use 13lb main spring (you can put a pencil in to the barrel and dry fire to see if you can get about the same height which indicate good hammer force). I polish the where sear/disconnector touch each other, the trigger bow, and the tip of the sear spring. I do bent the sear spring as well and it's very important to reduce the trigger pull. I use #800 sand paper for polishing. All can be done in one hour. I was disappointed with the 7lb trigger pull and I feel the front white sight is a bit bulky. I do like everything else about the Sig 1911 Stainless Elite. Now my trigger is reduced to 2.5lb. I use it in range only for target shooting.
  12. Problem resovled. Went to the range and had 250 rounds through it, no issue at all. So it's the trigger bow interfering with the grip safety when it's a bit out of shape. The pistol is tight and smooth and I like it very much. Only complaint is that the front sight is a bit bulky and I'm not sure it's suitable for target shooting. Anyone has any experience switch to a thinner front sight?
  13. Thanks but the sear spring is well seated. Plus, when firing after first round, the trigger can not be pulled even the grip safety is still depressed. I think it might be the trigger bow stuck with the grip safety caused by strong forces (firing). And that’s why dry fire can not duplicate the issue. And also why push the mag up a bit will do the trick because the mag touches the trigger bow and loosen the stick. I examined the trigger bow and found it’s slightly out of shape as I might bent it when polishing. The bow was tight so the mag can not fall freely when released. I restored the trigger bow shape but I have to wait till the next range visit to test. Will provide update.
  14. I just bought my first 1911, a Sig 1911 Stainless Elite 9mm. It has an ugly 7lb trigger so I fieldtrip, bent the sear spring and polished the internal to get it to 3lb (thanks for tons of tutorial on Youtube). Today I brought it to the range for the first time, after the 1st round I found the grip safety remain stuck as engaged position (ie, not bounced back) however the trigger can not be pulled. I tried different tricks and then I found, I can push the mag up a bit (though it's already firmly sitted) and I do hear a small "click" and then the grip safety release so I can grip and press it again to fire the next round. But I have to repeat it every time to fire a round. I also tried dry fire without the mag in, then there is no problem at all. I pull the trigger, move the slide back and forth, I can still pull the trigger while keeping the grip safety depressed (I don't need to release it and depress again). Anyone has any suggestion? Thanks.
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