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  1. You could try keeping the handguard. Taking off the dissipator and getting one of the JP ultralight 9mm barrels...it light lighten it up enough where you got the gun in the sweet spot. I personally don’t like super super light rifles. They just bounce around too much. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Ok. So, Ill tell ya that aint even that bad. I rarely make mistakes anymore thankfully. But i do. Mostly its just small stuff now Heres my past weekends experience. So last minute decided to drive to Florida for the sectional. Drive down Friday. Got in later than i wanted to. First stage weent ok. Had one mike. I was like well eff. Thats not a good way to start. But i shook it off. 3rd stage my bullet ricochets off a steel popper and hits a spray paint can and all hell breaks lose. Shooting the can like a rocket while simultaneously spraying white paint all over the place. I subsequently have a miss on the array just afterwards. This basically set the tone for the rest of the match. Had a few malfunctions with my open gun which Ive never had before. First one was a failure to feed. I finally just dropped the mag entirely jammed another mag in the gun and finished the stage. Retrieved mag. To find a 1.10” OAL round sitting on top so I thought that was the explanation for failure to feed. I usually load a lot longer than that for open. I even had a magazine drop out of my gun while shooting which has never happened either. Then the rain. Pouring. They Start bagging targets. I’m getting pissed because I think the RO’s are just calling s#!t without looking too close. Call a few mikes. Pasters are falling off targets. Wont even stick. Im just getting more and more fed up.I have a few Mikes. No shoots. s#!tty squad. One dude didn't paste or reset the entire time. I notice my mount and *thumb rest [generic]* was lose. Go to a safe table to tighten it back down. Break the bit off. Have to pull it with pliers. My comp is lose. No big deal cause it can't go anywhere with the dust cover. But still annoyingI mean just endless. Literally maybe shot 2 stages fairly clean. And the rest was s#!t. Haven't had a match that bad for years. Then I get a speeding ticket on the way back. The cop claimed my tint was illegal. Checked it with a meter and it was legal. Then proceeds to write me a written warning for my tint! haha! He writes me a ticket for 89 in a 70 as well. Then I tell the guy that rode with he has to pay me ASAP so I can pay for my ticket. We stop at the gas station. He pulls money out of the atm. Put the cash in my ridge wallet and it snaps the money clip off. So it turned out to be a pretty expensive weekend haha! Honestly it was such an epic fail this weekend i had to just laugh about it. I got all my bad karma out for the year it seems like!
  3. I hate paying so much for something you have to mess with to ensure it works correctly.
  4. 135 grain truncated cone blue bullets. And you can see the power factors on the photo. I’m running 142ish power factor. We developed this load to make minor for production and Carry optics as well as 3gun and my pcc. It runs great. Shoots extremely soft. So contrary to the last couple posts. It’s 135 grain bullets. Not 135 power factor. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I don’t know why you guys are shooting below minor. It doesn’t matter if I’m shooting steel challenge, USPSA, carbine matches, or just practicing. I shoot the same Ammo. To keep my zero the same and keep recoil impulse and the recoil behavior consistent throughout all disciplines of shooting. And it shoots extremely soft. I’ve shot about 40,000 rounds of this particular load. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Ive been thinking about building a range for some time. And i think Id do it after retirement. But ive been thinking about a lot of ideas to do it. Not that i think it would be financially viable. With lead reclamation, noise ordinance, the amount of BS and physical exertion one must put into it, time is money, so i dont know if it would ever be worth it. But I am considering it. Ive shot a lot of matches over the years and at a lot of different places. But Ive been to a lot of ranges where i thought a lot of things were lacking. For example a Crappy safe area (just throw a table out and a s#!tty sign) or bathrooms not plumbed in. Or even Talledega CMP complex where they spent 20 million on the damn place and the only bathroom for the action pistol bays is a 10 minute walk across the bridge. During shooting its just not very convenient. If money were absolutely no object what features would you want at a range?
  7. No one? Its a big cancer charity match. It helps pay for summer camps for kids with cancer! its a good cause. If anyone can shoot it ya should!
  8. Yep. You need to shorten the OAL up. I think the MBX and Goliath extensions actually state that you have to run shorter OAL to prevent dragging. The only problem I ever had with my pcc was this issue. I bumped the OAL down to 1.10” and have since ran about 35,000 rounds through it with only a few raised primer failure to ignite issues. But that was my fault. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Us too...if you screw up you can hear the whole squad snickering behind you haha! We are all in good fun tho...We do help new shooters a ton, loan equipment etc. Ive even shot the first stage at a match, thought it was too hard to coach a new shooter and worry about shooting my own match so i bowed out and coached him the rest of the match. I ask new shooters if they want constructive criticism...if they do I'll offer advice. I have yet to hear someone say no. But also with new shooters i offer 1 or 2 things to work on and thats it. I dont barrage them with the 20 things they could work on. Its sensory overload and they'll fail to work on any one thing you suggested.
  10. definitely looks like one of the oldschool mk2 frag grenades/pineapple grenade
  11. How many rounds did you have on it? And have you heard of anyone else killing there 510C? Just curious because I'm thinkin about running one on my next open gun.
  12. oh is he asking how much larger the 10 MOA dot is than the 8MOA dot at 100? hahahah! i mean yes...yes sir. You are correct. exactly 2 more inches at 100 yards. I could always use an extra 2 inches that's for sure haha! My bad my dude. haha
  13. Sorry dude but that's incorrect. A 10 MOA dot at 100 would cover 10 inches MOA is an angular measurement that increases over distance. So think of it like a funnel. Where the pointy bit is at your muzzle and the mouth of the funnel down range. 2 Moa dot at 100 would cover 2 inches 3 Moa dot 3 inches at 100 and so on. So for like the Eotech for example (and Sig Romeo 4 and 5, and the holosun 510c) it has a 65 MOA donut. Why that's important for a combat optic is the average sized human being is about 65 inches from head to toe. So you can kind of use it to range targets. So if the circle superimposed over a guy, and he fits in there from foot to head, hes about 100 yards away. But we are never shooting to 100 yards with a pistol. Even an open gun with a frame mounted dot. You really only need to be concerned 20 yards and in. So the larger dot can be argued that its easier to acquire at speed and such. And who knows. It might be. So your 10 MOA dot would cover 2.5 inches at 25 yards 5 inches at 50 yards 7.5 at 75 yards 10 at 100 yards
  14. So for larger dots i think minute movements are less obvious. So shooting a smaller dot its like you've got f*#kin epilepsy sometimes. With that being said i try not to hold my dot to a higher standard than irons. Although they are a lot more precise...you have to accept the wobble zone. And i do actually run a 2.5 MOA with a Romeo 3 which is working great for me so far. As far as issues finding the dot. This method is well, a little unorthodox and some people might hate on it. But if you come into position and you cant find the dot. Just rip a round off...usually the dot will come onto the glass naturally from the recoil of the gun. And then from there you can adjust what you need to. Its called shooting onto the target. Although i don't need to do this really anymore, when i first started shooting open, sometimes i would have trouble finding the dot. And i would have to do this. Especially coming into positions hard, or at extremely awkward body positions. Another thing is to do the around the clock drill from Mike Seeklander. Throw a target on the wall, and then just go around the clock, drawing and stepping to each time on the clock. So the 1 o clock position...then the 2 then the 3 and so on. All while aiming at the same target. You are forced to get into super awkward positions and cross body draws. Youll at least get used to finding the dot during this sort of situations. And dry fires dry fires. I do about 30-1.5 hours a day depending on what ive got going on. And have been shooting open since march. And feel comfortable finding the dot now. I haven't lost it for sometime now. So try those are look at those options. Good luck!
  15. yo nerd. I see youre at 1st batt. Legit. I like to see all the batt boys shooting competitions. Hit me up via PM and i can walk you onto some good stuff or run some ideas past you. I don't think youd go wrong with a Limcat. But like me it took me a long time to decide. I shot limited for a long time. And shot a lot of PCC. And i was kicking around the idea of shooting open for a long time. When dudes like you or me are talking about dropping that kind of coin on an open gun, its a lot. So it better be good. And it better run reliably. I went with Atlas for a few reasons. But as far as versatility, Id look hard at the phenix trinity honcho. I have a 2 friends with them and have heard really good feedback. But youre really not gonna go wrong with an atlas. an akai. a lim. And if i sold my left testicle id consider an SV. I may have gone with the phenix trinity honcho if they were available at the time. I think i received my atlas back in January or something? and then a month later the phenix trinitys dropped and started shippin.
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