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  1. Question for the group: When you're advancing forward to a position a few yards away (enough that you're moving at full speed or nearly full speed), how do you decelerate when you enter the position? I feel that I am slowing down too early, but I don't trust my footwork to stop on a dime without ending up on my rear. Any tips on footwork and training that skill would be appreciated. Follow-up question: For a stage that has a "toes on marks" start position where your feet are even, and then you have to forward at the start signal, how are you moving your feet to get a good push off of the start position?
  2. I read through the comments in the thread, but I'd like some opinions on this: Production rules allow replacement of the trigger. Got it. However, they also state that all OFM safety devices remain functional. For my M&P, there's the thumb safety, which obviously wouldn't be affected by replacing the trigger, but there's also the "safe action" style safety on the trigger. When I replace the trigger, do the rules require that the aftermarket trigger have the same safety features as OFM, or because it's aftermarket do I get a pass on the absence of similar OFM trigger safety features? Reason I ask is because the reviews I am reading for the flat face triggers have several complaints that the trigger safety is difficult to disengage depending on how the gun fits the shooter's hand. If I have the option to avoid that issue altogether, I would be more inclined to do that. How have others adapted to flat face triggers, or was it not an issue for you? Thanks!!
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