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  1. I think that often when watching really out of shape people shoot, especially when they are talented. I lost 40 pounds in 2018, and am 70 pounds lighter than I was at my all-time high, and the difference in everything is amazing. Mentally, even. My exercise routine these days is two 20 minute dogs walks daily, I'm on my feet walking at work about 3 hours a day, and I'm trying to shoot 3 matches a month minimum. And as close to zero sugar in my diet as possible. Zero alcohol. Not too fancy but it's working.
  2. Thanks - I do have a Comp-tac International for a G19 that I like, but not for my Shadow. I think I will probably end up doing what Mveto suggested - I do want a level 2 for multigun, so will probably purchase one and continue checking out these and other suggestions for USPSA. As an aside, it doesn't look like Blade Tech of Comp Tac make level 2's for the Shadow.
  3. Agreed, thanks Elguapo. I wasn’t intending that - just looking for holster opinions and didn’t realize there were so many nuances between division equipment. Will read the rule book more thoroughly.
  4. Ok, thanks very much mveto - appreciate the citation. I will check out LS as well. Thanks!
  5. Thanks guys! Regor, a friend actually mentioned the same thing this morning, that the race holster isn't allowed in production. I'm doing production and limited right now. I was also thinking that maybe a Level 2 RHT would be a good choice - it looks like you can leave the retention strap down if desired, but I'm not sure. Thanks for the drop / offset input also.
  6. Hi all - hoping to get some input on a new holster for a CZ shadow 2 for uspsa, multigun and steel challenge. I have a DAA PDR pro 2 that I don't really like - someone at a recent match showed me his CR speed holster and I see online that they make one specifically for the Shadow 2. Anyone have one? Pros and cons? I also see a lot of people using RHT - so right now I'm thinking between an RHT with a retention strap and the CR. Trying to buy once, cry once if possible. Thanks.
  7. Thanks everyone - I have hardly used the competitor app, mostly just the practiscore.com data. I will look at it more. I appreciate the ideas and have started a range diary / basic spreadsheet for now too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I thought it would be helpful to see where I need to improve most, by being able to see times, procedurals, hits, misses, etc across any of the games. This is similar, but pre-practiscore I suppose. http://www.waltinpa.com/2012/04/18/uspsa-stats-tracking-my-performance/
  9. Sorry, I was not clear enough - I am trying to compile, track, and sort my own scores, using PractiScore data in most cases.
  10. Hi all - does anyone have a good spreadsheet for scoring competitions? I figured a good one must exist but haven't found it yet. I just started shooting competitions (USPSA, IDPA, Steel Challenge and multigun) in August and want to start compiling results for everything in one place where I can sort by match type, hits / scores, mikes, time, procedurals, etc etc. Thanks in advance!
  11. CZ got the part here in 2 days - all fixed up and ready to go. Thanks for the help!
  12. Yep, I'm a lefty Ok thank you - won't touch the sear - it's in a bag until the RH safety comes in. Do you know the proper torque # offhand? Appreciate the help Rowdyb!
  13. Hi all -Yesterday I started to replace the safety on my Shadow 2 with an extended right side release. I thought I broke a detent plunger but didn't, I just misunderstood that there was a different style on the left and the right. Anyhow, I wasn't thinking and thought that it came with one for the right (doh) - So, I just ordered one from CZ custom and while I am waiting for it I have the sear assembly out of the pistol, and am going to swap the mag release to the right side and give the whole thing a good cleaning and lube. I've only had the pistol a few months and am still learning the mechanics - is there anything that I need to worry about while swapping the mag release while the sear is out (with the trigger bar assembly, etc)? I couldn't think of or see any issues (in fact it might be easier) but thought I'd ask first. A pic of the current condition is attached. FWIW, I found the tuning video(s) by Kneelingatlas to be invaluable so far. So much good info. Thanks!
  14. Thanks guys - I checked both and ordered from PJ as they had a faster lead time. Much appreciated!
  15. Hi all - I'm signing up for my first IDPA BUG match with a stock G43 and am looking for mag pouch / carrier recommendations. I would prefer plastic / kydex over leather. I need to hold at least 3 mags so I'm thinking of getting a double and single to start. They need to fit on a standard 1.5 inch leather gun belt. FWIW, I will be using an Alien Gear cloak mod holster since I already own one, so if there's any comments on that, that's fine too. Thanks!
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