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  1. It's a FN 509 Tactical Which are pretty Tall suppressor sights : I actually tried a 7378 with light but it was for a Glock. So it's impossible to really tell : +
  2. PLEASE NOTE: I need a Security Holster : Safailand ALS in the 7TS fits the Bill. I have looked at Blade Tech Comptac etc using the WRS system. Which is a last resort : Specifically wanting Info on the Safariland 7TS : I called CS at Safariland and Still didn't get a decent answer : It would depend on your setup is not an answer. DOES ANYONE KNOW FOR SURE : If the Safariland ALS 7TS Holster line : 7376,7378,7395 etc . Work withe suppressor Height sights. I have searched google : I am sure Holster Ops could answer but they are offline for a Few months : So if anyone has actual expe
  3. Definitely do so if it doesn't arrive : That's one thing they are good for : Good luck
  4. DID YOU happen to Use Paypal? I asked because I had a similar problem with Rexfirearms on a $22.00 part. They claimed it was lost in Transit. So I complained to Paypal and got my $$ the same day >
  5. It appears the Lost FF Trigger Shoes are still Missing in action : Which doesn't add up at all : Something isn't exactly 100% with what REX is allowing us to know.
  6. Apparently the Straight Triggers were Never recovered? Disappointing for sure
  7. Yeah I am sure it does. Not blaming you : What's unfortunate in Today's world is Nobody ever takes responsibility for screwing up. Hopefully they found them.
  8. So I got it straight from FIME that Rex Zero 1 Tactical Compacts are in Country as of Monday : Should be shipping in 10 days or so. So maybe we'll see a Trigger soon
  9. l don't see the picture of a firing block in the Alpha
  10. Maybe they do Because I am debating on Selling I haven't taken it apart : Although not sure why you'd even want the reset Shorter
  11. To bad I didn't know you wanted an alpha I have a Brand New one : I haven't even fired a full mag thru : I love the gun But shouldn't have bought it : I'm in security and the Alpha is at the very least a beautifully made range toy : To answer your question No the parts in the alpha aren't quite the same. There's no Firing Pin block . Changing the Hammer strut spring is child's play. The Rex Zero 1 was not for the average guy who has no clue of how to take a weapon apart. You can polish the Strut and Trigger bar : Should I decide to keep the Alpha that's what I will do. The only other thing wo
  12. I polished the Trigger bar(side against Frame) Polished the hammer strut and installed a competition Spring Kit . Last I took a limited amount of materiel off the Firing Pin Block(Making reset much shorter)
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