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  1. mhuxtable

    Fiber optic size for Shadow 2

    thanks everyone!
  2. mhuxtable

    Fiber optic size for Shadow 2

    I have a blue/black Shadow 2 and the fiber optic came out at my last range trip. I tried looking around & couldn't find the info. Anyone know what size FO I should buy to replace?
  3. mhuxtable

    How to remove M2 front sight?

    that worked! Thanks!
  4. I have a 20ga Benelli M2 and I'm trying to remove the front sight & it just wont budge. I use needle nose pliars & they just bent the small fiber optic. Is it thread locked? I can't even see where a screw would be honestly.
  5. mhuxtable

    Any resources for M2 20ga modifications?

    thanks so much! super helpful!
  6. mhuxtable

    Any resources for M2 20ga modifications?

    Thanks for the reply! What parts are you referring to
  7. wow didn't know that thanks! Looks like I can find the tube kits and followers but not the nut. ? Not much good without the nut
  8. Does anyone have any info as far as when NC will have their operation up and running agian? Any idea whats going on? It's been a long time now.
  9. I got a Benelli M2 20ga (I prefer 20 over 12) and as I start to look for standard mods (springs, lifter, etc), the only reliable mod specific to 20ga is the extension tube. Taran said their parts are specifically for the 12ga. I'm waiting to hear back from Benelli on what parts/specs the 12/20 share. Does anyone know resources for 20ga modifications? Spring kits, lifters, etc?