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  1. so i looked at it and I don't have that type of slide stop lever with the nub but it does seem as if the trigger bar coud be making contact with the slide stop a bit. How would I fix this?
  2. Your photo links are broken so I can't see them. I did a looksie and it doesn't appear the bar is touching the mags. But I could be wrong I guess? I'll have another look. I don't have a weight guage to tell how much pressure it takes to reset. How can I find if mine is a pre 2012? It's a Pro Series with a CORE slide, 5 inch barrel. No Apex RAM From the last time I took the gun apart the sear block seems very very snug. But I'll check again.
  3. well I tried opening the trigger bar loop a little and replacing the sear spring from the Apex to the OEM....the problem today was worse than before. Almost every 2nd - 5th round had the trigger fail to reset. So I'm just gonna take it to the gunsmith after christmas.
  4. I will check that out! Thank you. Admittedly I'm not completely fluent in how all the inner workings of a pistol interact totally. So things like this are helpful. If it WERE touching the trigger bar for some reason, how could that be remedied? It's odd really. It only did it about 5 times in 130 rounds. But that's about once per mag & that's too much.
  5. Thanks guys I'll look into it. Also had someone say to look into the trigger bar loop. Kinda weird everyone sings the praises of the apex kit but these issues now seem common that i'm looking into it
  6. So my basic question is can a mag extension cause a trigger not to reset?I recently got +10 mag extensions from Taylor Freelance for my M&P CORE pistol. It's tricked out to an open pistol. It's just a fun gun. The pistol has the Apex trigger kit in it. It's worked flawlessly up until today.Today was the day to test these TF +10s.Everything fed great. Except I had 5 or 6 rounds that didn't fire because the trigger didn't reset. The gun appeared to be in battery, but pulling the trigger did nothing. No click, no nothing. I'd rack that round out and it'd fire just fine. None of the rounds appear out of spec. It's the usual ammo I use. 124gr S&B 9mm.Is this a magazine issue? or something unrelated and cooincidental?Any ideas?
  7. I have a blue/black Shadow 2 and the fiber optic came out at my last range trip. I tried looking around & couldn't find the info. Anyone know what size FO I should buy to replace?
  8. I have a 20ga Benelli M2 and I'm trying to remove the front sight & it just wont budge. I use needle nose pliars & they just bent the small fiber optic. Is it thread locked? I can't even see where a screw would be honestly.
  9. Thanks for the reply! What parts are you referring to
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