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  1. Terraced ejector stars. Would the folks that have used them classify them as a functional improvement or a general waste of time/money? If you think it was a worthwhile modification, what were the specs you used?
  2. Actually ordered a thug plug. It arrives on Friday, supposedly. Sadly it seems glock store pulled the label and tracking a few days ago but USPS still isn't in possession of the package. Anyway, yeah, about to try it.
  3. Just curious. Seattle slug and gen 5 17/45 grip....If it doesn't fit outright is it within range of simple modification to get it to fit? Would it still insert in the empty space on the backstrap and potentially be glueable?
  4. Can you do IDPA with the power port on the 19?
  5. Something like this: https://www.doublealpha.biz/daa-grip-kit Do they work? My hands are really big and my palm always feels empty against the flat side of the standard grip. Something that would add a bit of rounding/palm swell would be welcome...as long as they are reliable and can take some abuse. Are there alternatives to the one I referenced? Are there glue-able grip panels?
  6. Is there a recommended epoxy to seal up the ends?
  7. You could drop a longer solid rod into the open area and then pack powder around it as an intermediate solution perhaps? What is the dimension of the opening on the back? I see various tungsten rods that might fit the bill.
  8. But again, just to be clear, this isn't that kind of laser. There is no beam on a wall to check for motion. It fires a single instantaneous pulse with a small (size varies) photodetector target. You can still practice establishing your sight picture on the target when you draw but you can also pull the trigger, which strikes the laser cartridge and flashes the laser and get immediate feedback on whether your trigger pull pushed your aim, especially at longer distances.
  9. This is dry fire, and therefore is always going to be different than actual live fire. If you hit a laser detector, you will know it (or not until you look at the total results later) depending on the system you use and/or whether you are paying attention with your peripheral vision. I believe some targets will give you a positive sound. Either way, to me it is just another tool that provides additional feedback on accuracy if that is valuable to you. This is a technology that can be taken advantage of. As with all training aids, it is important not to turn them into a crutch or a producer of bad habits. In any event, I am hoping to figure out if there is a way to fix the original difficulty.
  10. No, the laser only fires when you pull the trigger. You use the sights to shoot just like normal. The hammer drops, the laser flashes briefly. If you are using a detector target, it will light up if you hit it.
  11. No, running around like buck rogers shooting small targets spread all around my yard is fun while being useful. And I save money and don't scare anyone within earshot. To me, laser cartridges and laser detectors are uniquely sweet with revolvers because you can keep shooting in double action. You don't have to rack the slide like you would on a semi. You can practice speed and the whole bit. Plus, like I said, it is good fun.
  12. I may be misunderstanding, you have adjustable laser cartridges? I haven't put the laser in a moonclip yet. That's probably a pretty good idea. I'll bet it might have some wiggle otherwise... I will try it tonight when I get home.
  13. So I picked up a single laser cartridge with the idea that if it worked well, I could get more and use them for dry fire practice. It's always hitting low though, compared to live fire. It is inches low even at close range (about 2.5 to 3 inches below POA at only 10 feet), getting obviously worse as the distance increases, meaning I have to really change my sight picture compared to live fire to hit targets/detectors. I assume this is because the sights take into account some amount of muzzle rise on the bullet and the final point of impact. Has anyone else played with laser cartridges and had the same experience? Is there some solution to make it work or are lasers a no-go with revolvers?
  14. I'm looking to replace a titanium with a SS but it seems ALL 327 cylinders are performance center parts and S&W won't give me the time of day unless I send them the gun (3 to 4 month wait for a probably questionable result). If I have a cylinder I can drive it over to TK Custom and have it fitted in a week or so.
  15. I am looking for a 327 compatible cylinder (8 shot 357) and have just had zero luck. S&W won't sell them. Everyone I talk to says not available. Is there any source I could try? Thanks.
  16. Replace a red ramp front and add a C&S extreme duty rear. The red ramp has a custom dovetail, so its 2 to 3 hours of machinist time. The rear would also need machining.
  17. Yeah, it would be machined. So far I am seeing $600 to $700 quoted. Not so much worth it to me at this time. For < $400 I might have jumped on it.
  18. Whether for competition or defense, who is the most cost effective source for adding/changing sights on a S&W revolver and doing a good professional job if machining is required front and rear?
  19. So if I want to get a professional trigger job done on a j-frame that will only shoot factory federal ammunition, what's the best I can reasonably expect and maintain good ignition reliability?
  20. Looking recommendations on good revolver technique videos, free or not free. Trigger, grip, etc. Mostly "generic" skills that translate across all activities. What are some high-bang-for-your-buck options?Thanks.
  21. Can you do anything to the Dawson's to prevent rusting?
  22. Ok, thanks. Talon grips or the like appear to be ok though, yes?
  23. Glock knuckle sucks. Can I undercut/relieve the trigger guard a bit and still be ok for SSP? Seems not as it is an "Externally visible modification" but I wanted to check.
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