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  1. I seat my primer depth between 0.005 to 0.010 below flush. Sometimes at 0.010 the primer is slightly smushed but still ignites without premature detonation.
  2. There's more flaking of the coating where the slide rail meets the frame that's more apparent with ultrasonic vs normal flaking through usage.
  3. With milling of the slide and weight distribution does it affect performance.
  4. Depends on the mileage on the gun. The DA should start to drop with more usage. Mine dropped 1lb after 25k rds without doing anything to it.
  5. I shoot better with my s2 but my s1 feels better in my hands. They both are identical in build with same accushadow bushing and 85c trigger
  6. Ok to use ultrasonic cleaner on the whole gun as long as you oil on every aspect of the gun when reassembling. I normally kept the firing pin hole dry and gunk free.
  7. 25k rounds without buffer. No issues
  8. Seems like other people are getting 23 rds with a different setup and follower. I would like to keep the stock follower and would like to get your setup. So to confirm your setup, you are using taran +4 base pads, +10% wolf spring that fits perfectly on the stock follower for a total of 21 rds and able to get with slide lock without any issues correct?
  9. I am clueless about internal mechanisms of a gun. Would cutting the spring help
  10. I have an accu s1 and accu s2 and I've never compared the accuracy to a stock one side by side at the same time. One thing for sure. In a match the accuracy goes out the window depending on how aggressive or how much speed mode you are in. I've never noticed the accuracy in a match.
  11. Doc1

    shadow 2 crack?

    CZ with metal frames and slides are almost impossible to crack. You may break a slide stop or something like that but not the frame or slide itself. You can shoot major pf through a S2 and nothing will happen to it except horrible recoil.
  12. I'm one of those people that are obsessed with staying around the 130 pf. I'm a c+/b- shooter on a good day. Good info to know. I'll focus more on grip and trigger control.
  13. I've used Henning but it didn't give me the traction that I needed. However I like the "look" of the Henning better. Hands down Lok provided a gripper texture. You can sand down the grip to your liking. I had to faintly sand down the grip because it was too aggressive for me and rough on the hands. It is perfect now. It definitely improved my shooting and scoring without the use of grip gel.
  14. Patriot Defense has a good rep for quality products.
  15. At our club, we always do a new shooter's safety briefing even though the shooter is an experienced one that has never shot at our club before.
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