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  1. I will most certainly share my findings if I get some new ones. I honestly didn't realize I had the thinner LOK grips on mine. I have fairly large hands so I may need something wider. But honestly the ones I have don't feel small to me.
  2. No not yet, I have been rolling around the idea of getting some different ones to try. I really love the looks of the Shooting sports innovations scales grips and my give them a shot.
  3. I believe that they are the Bogies the G10 version not the palm swell. They are plenty aggressive. I have rough hands and they took a couple days to stop hurting after dry fire. But all seems ok now but I may try a set of the palm swells for some of the Shooting sports innovation scales next.
  4. They look to be the G10 Bogie Gray black from the website as they do not have the cutout where the mag release is.
  5. Any idea of the power factor on this load?
  6. I installed it when it came out and it has worked fine for me ever since.
  7. I may have to give titegroup a try again with the blue bullets. I had keyholing issues out of my 34 that I could not get to go away until I switched powder.
  8. Diesel24v

    New to the CZ world

    I have been shooting a glock 34 in USPSA production division and decided to give a CZ a try. Picked up a Shadow 2 off of a member here and have begun shooting it. The double action first shot will certainly be a learning curve for me but I feel I am starting to get the hang of it. The trigger on it feels pretty good to me and I am not sure if its stock or not, the DA and SA feel light to me from what the factory says they should be. It has a set of LOK grips on it and they sure do lock in to my hands and they are almost too aggressive for me. I am looking forward to getting some time in with it and hope to shoot a match with it this weekend if my holster arrives on time. Hope to learn some things from you CZ masters on this forum! So far it seems to like my loads that I have been shooting out of my 34, which is 147 gn blue bullets over 3.5 of sport pistol at 1.15 oal.
  9. ^^^^^^^This load will not make Minor power factor for USPSA or IDPA ^^^ what he said! I switched to Alliant sport pistol with my coated bullets as I could not get the accuracy that I wanted with Titegroup. I also had some keyholing problems with Titegroup and coated lead out of my Glock 34. After switching to Sport Pistol, the keyholing went away and I gained accuracy. Titegroup was working fine with my NEreloading plated bullets but since I am switching to coated lead the titegroup had to go. ! I am using 3.5gns of Alliant Sport Pistol under a 147gn blue bullet at 1.15 OAL with good results out of my G34 and will soon find out how they shoot out of my new Shadow 2.
  10. I am running a TTI spring and connector kit. I had a ghost connector and lone wolff springs previously but like the TTI better, it seems a lot smoother and the reset is a little shorter. I will say that the biggest improvement in trigger pull for mine was a titanium safety plunger and spring.
  11. I have had a few different kits in my 34 and the TTI is my favorite so far. Definitely is the smoothest and best reset out of what I have tried.
  12. Diesel24v

    Gritty take up

    Take a good look at your trigger spring and make sure that you put them in the right orientation. I put one in backwards and it flipped to one side on the front hole and was dragging badly and had similar symptoms as you. Do your triggers on the two with issues go all the way back forward when released?
  13. I'm going to be giving this a try. I have been running production for a few matches now and try to plan my reloads while walking through and it seems to add frustration for me because when I come up with a plan I find an issue on reloading in certain places and start all over with a new plan. The way you suggest seems to make good sense!
  14. Diesel24v

    80% frames

    I have been wanting to try one but haven't done it yet. I also believe that getting rid of that hump could help me on initial aim as I aim the 1911 type grip angle slightly better than the glocks.
  15. Currently U in Production but from the classifiers I have shot so far looks like a solid C. Goal is to make A by this time next year. Brandon Caldwell A113061 Production
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