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  1. I have a SP01 Shadow and CZ 75 SAO. The TTI only works on the MecGar magazines that I have and not the CZ magazines.
  2. I tried to use them (+4) and could not get the push pin to go over the magazine. Works great on the MecGar magazines.
  3. Josh's looks really good are they for sale yet?
  4. I purchased 2 M3Ks and sent then to MOA to do the work. I did two to have one back up shotgun. The only reason I went with the M3K was that the port could be open more than a M3000 because of where the serial number is placed. Whatever one you decide to get send it to MOA. Also, get the new Lightning-Load Lifter.
  5. Got these done by MOA. I have ordered the lighting load lifter for one of them to try it out.
  6. I just pick this one up yesterday ( CZ TSO .40). Hope to put some rounds through it today. I have been looking through this thread and it helped me make the decision to purchase the handgun. Thanks for all of the information.
  7. I have been shooting for over 30 years. However, I have never competed in a competition. I have been lurking here for sometime trying to gain some knowledge. Most of my shooting back ground is tactical and long distance shooting. I have been looking through the three gun section and the factory pistol section. I plan to start shooting some pistol competitions first before I do any 3 gun competitions. I tend to look for knowledge and keep mouth shut for the most part. I will help where I can, however I'll probably gain more knowledge than I could ever give.
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