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  1. Another alternative is to use the Vltor A5 system (BCM markets the same system).
  2. It states that it comes with the red spring installed so that would make it 3.5 to 4 pounds. You can switch springs to the yellow spring and make it 3 to 3.5 pound pull.
  3. I sent a shotgun in last year in September and they called me to let me know they received my shotgun. They called me six weeks later to tell me they were waiting on extension tubes and asked if I would take a smaller extension tube and a 2 shell extension, I said yes. A week later it showed up with the tube size I had originally ordered. My experience seems to differ from yours as the comms were excellent. I had the same experience when I shipped a G34 to them to do the performance package. I would have to chalk this up to the lead up to the new movie and it just being released that they are swamped. If you think this is bad order a custom rifle from any of the top gun smiths. You'll wait over a year and comms are not good as they are busy building rifles.
  4. I have never used an adjustable gas key. Looking at the video, adjusting it during set up looks like a pain in the butt, but once it is set up you are good to go. Adjustable gas blocks are easy to install. I use Superlative Arms adj GB. Easy to install and set up. Also, I use a new gas tube when I change out the GB. Same thing once set up you are good to go.
  5. You can get this to shoot mini shells (1.75 12 gauge) with the Shockwave- https://www.opsolmini-clip.com/ 1.75 shells https://www.midwayusa.com/product/2506162922/aguila-minishell-ammunition-12-gauge-1-3-4-4-and-1-buckshot-11-pellets
  6. Why not loctite 620? Also, if you heat up the barrel wouldn't that make it even harder to get into an already tight upper?
  7. Order the HBI welded trigger pack and just drill out the screw and remove trigger housing. https://hbindustries.net/store/shop/carbide-drill-for-scorpion-trigger-pack/
  8. I have a SP01 Shadow and CZ 75 SAO. The TTI only works on the MecGar magazines that I have and not the CZ magazines.
  9. I tried to use them (+4) and could not get the push pin to go over the magazine. Works great on the MecGar magazines.
  10. Josh's looks really good are they for sale yet?
  11. I purchased 2 M3Ks and sent then to MOA to do the work. I did two to have one back up shotgun. The only reason I went with the M3K was that the port could be open more than a M3000 because of where the serial number is placed. Whatever one you decide to get send it to MOA. Also, get the new Lightning-Load Lifter.
  12. Got these done by MOA. I have ordered the lighting load lifter for one of them to try it out.
  13. I just pick this one up yesterday ( CZ TSO .40). Hope to put some rounds through it today. I have been looking through this thread and it helped me make the decision to purchase the handgun. Thanks for all of the information.
  14. I have been shooting for over 30 years. However, I have never competed in a competition. I have been lurking here for sometime trying to gain some knowledge. Most of my shooting back ground is tactical and long distance shooting. I have been looking through the three gun section and the factory pistol section. I plan to start shooting some pistol competitions first before I do any 3 gun competitions. I tend to look for knowledge and keep mouth shut for the most part. I will help where I can, however I'll probably gain more knowledge than I could ever give.
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