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  1. Yesterday I was able to go out and do some live fire practice. Started out by doing two shot drills out to 25, Worked on distance change up drill, Wide single shot three target transitions and finished up with dot drill. my total round count was 120 before it was to dark and had to pack up. On my way home I felt pretty discouraged on how my session went, it seems that things were not really clicking. After getting some sleep and thinking about it this morning my learning experience from yesterday is that my visual patience on sights in practice was well below par and this is something I have r
  2. Do you happen to be using Dillon dies? I have noticed that on my 40S&W the last 1/8" of case is not resized. i purchased a lee U Die and cured my issue. Not sure if it is same issue with 9MM.
  3. It has been a while since I have posted on my range log simply because I have not been able to sit in front of my computer. State match went very well for me, had some minor mistakes but overall felt pretty happy with my performance winning Limited C. Dryfire has been consistently 5 days a week with minimum 1 hour sessions, live fire has been 150-200 rounds a week with one or two matches on the weekends. I am happy to say that my goal has been reached making B class 64% at the beginning of August and now my sights are set on making A class before June 2019, if I stick to my practice sched
  4. I am prepared for 3 months but have heard some are shipping in 9-10 weeks. Is it the shortage of evo grips causing a little backlog?
  5. I just ordered my Nemesis on August 8th. can't wait to get my hands on it. How many weeks did it take for you to get yours?
  6. Yesterday I was able to get out and do some live fire before this weekends state match. Had to replace my holster due to some issues with becoming loose from mount. local gun shop had DAA X holster that i decided to pick up and get adjusted near old setting before I headed out to range. felt nervous about a completely new holster before a match without hardly any time with draws but my times were in line during live fire at 1.19-1.29 working on watching sights lift during accelerator drills and 6 reload 6. worked on movement in positions keeping gun up, aligning sights and breaking shots befor
  7. This log is something that I have been wanting to do for a while paper or typed. seeing feedback from other shooters I think would be a benefit. So here it goes, I started shooting USPSA matches December 2016 was instantly hooked. I received my initial classification in April 16 as D @ 33% in L10. I struggled along not really making any improvements through the course of a few months. I started seeing a lot of shooters running dots on their guns and said to my self " this looks much easier with a dot" and picked up a G34 had slide machined, installed a RMR and was ready to go. Well I was
  8. I am stuck between EMG or an Atlas Nemesis. I haven't handled or shot the Nemesis which makes it tough.
  9. Yeah i was getting a lot of mixed answers at the match on Saturday so I figured I would ask. what is the minimum time period between same classifiers? recent 8 or once a year?
  10. So I shot this classifier twice in last two months at different clubs. been working my butt off trying to get out of C class .89% to go. June Limited HF11.7930 @ 70.87% Last weekend in Limited HF 12.1099 @ 72% I am interested to see what happens? does the June 70% get flagged and replaced by the 72%?
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