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  1. Gunz720

    How many shell caddies are needed on the belt

    From what I’ve seen just local club matches you probably only need about 12 on your bell but I’ve shot stages that were almost 40 rounds of shotgun
  2. Gunz720

    How many shell caddies are needed on the belt

    I am setup to run Opted to carbon arms 12s on my bill anymore than that I go to a chest rig it just depends on how big a matches you plan on shooting
  3. Gunz720

    What size dot for open Gun

    Cool it is all new to me switched because my vision is going and the dot is all new U like the C more and think I will try a few different size dots
  4. Gunz720

    What size dot for open Gun

    Thanks for the info and is there really that much difference between a C More and let’s say a Delta Piint Pro or any other dot
  5. Gunz720

    My name is John

    My name is John I am career military and love to shoot anything and everything however I don’t get to shoot that much and I apologize I do tend to drink and stroll the site and post
  6. Gunz720

    STI Edge Factory or Tuned??

    I shoot a CRP Edge for 3 Gun and could not be happier runs 100% did pin the grip safety and did a trigger job but my favorite STI even thought it is the cheapest STI I own
  7. Gunz720

    STI DVC 3 Gun vs. STI Marauder

    I really like the DVC 3 Gun but personally went with a tuned Edge I prefer the bull barrel I do shoot the DVC Limited and o-en for USPSA,
  8. Gunz720

    Fitting a PT Evo Grip

    Mine took a lot of fitting for my DVC but love the grip
  9. Gunz720

    DVC open

    I am a big CZ fan however I decided to go with the DVC Open and don’t regret it however I shoot 38 sC if I were set on shooting 9 major would have probably went with checkmate
  10. Gunz720

    PT Aluminum grip

    Sarge do you know how the new CK E2 compares to the PT EVO
  11. Gunz720

    Carbon Arms Belt Ratchet Kit

    What do you want or need lol
  12. Gunz720

    Carbon Arms Belt Ratchet Kit

    Greatest thing ever added to my belt
  13. Gunz720

    Scope mount for Vortex razor 1-6

    I run the American Defense with QD with my gen 2 razor and love it
  14. Gunz720

    Best shell caddies ?

    I really like my carbon arms for dual or quads