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  1. I agreed that's why unloaded and showed clear before even being told to stop.
  2. Video explaining the AD or possible AD. Seems that the guys over on INGO (https://www.ingunowners.com/forums/shooting-sports/465606-journey-2019-uspsa-nationals-5.html#post7894648) think that it was not an DQ offense. Doesn't really matter to me I had an AD and felt I earned a DQ and the hot fudge sunday after the match . Here is the video explaining the AD and how I will prevent it from happening again.https://youtu.be/BPcPs1LahWw Find your weaknesses and destroy them! Parker
  3. Well finally made it to my first match of the year!Also managed to earn my very first DQ trip. Link to the video below. Video description has the details of what happened. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as losing just winning and learning. Only way to lose is to not learn something. Yesterday I learned a big lesson not to get to big for my britches as my grandpa would say. And the family got a special DQ trip on dad's shooting budget.https://youtu.be/PiaBIlYiS5oNow listen, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go to this or that city, spend a year there, carry on business and make
  4. Registered for locap nats 2019! Thanks to Andrew Heath for the help! 2019 is gonna be great. Weather is starting to turn. Been able to make it to the range for pistol and rifle work the last couple weeks. Also got a class coming up with Steve Anderson Apr 12th. See you on the range, Johnathon “Peter” Parker – A95284
  5. New year new thread. Check it out here:
  6. Alright a new season has started. I am super stoked for 2019. 2017 was my first non-level one match (Local) where I won production B class at the Indiana Sectional. In 2018 I shot my second level II match and again got a class win at the Indiana Sectional, but this time in A class. 2018 I shot my first ever match outside Indiana and first match above a level II, the USPSA Factory Gun Nationals (Production). I was able to walk away with 6th in A class and 53rd overall out of over 240 in production. I was really excited to see that I can occasionally hang with the big dogs, I e
  7. More nats! https://practiscore.com/results/new/68687?q_division=2 Check out the YouTube channel: I'm uploading stage vids as I get a chance. I've got footage from 3rd person and first person hat cam from basically all 21 stages with multiple strings. Plan to do a hind sight report and training plan series once the videos are all done being edited. A lot more content going up on Instagram just due to ease of use. Instagram handle: Uspsaspiderman
  8. I have never seen anything in life that if you are not willing to work hard enough it can't be done. You don't have to qualify for nats in uspsa just be ready when registration opens. It will sell out in a couple hours. Don't neglect the mental game. It will ensure that you get your current level of skill. Lanny Bassham says that an athlete can never over trust (mental game) but can always over try. Stay positive brother you can do anything. Next year I will be a force to be reckoned with!
  9. More details to follow but I got 6th in a class and 53rd overall in production. Best part was I got 3rd on a stage! Cool thing was I wasn't trying to burn anything down just shooting my sights. Still working on editing vids, here's the vid for the above referenced stage.https://youtu.be/c4r8z3UoolQ https://practiscore.com/results/new/68687?q_division=2
  10. Nationals in 10 days! Training hard currently, not trying to make big speed gains but embedding match mode. I will shoot at the speed of sight at nats sns see where that lands me. Spiderman out. For now...
  11. Won A class at Indiana state sectional and 10th overall. Match vid:
  12. Details on the Mike's here: https://www.ingunowners.com/forums/shooting-sports/456069-road-united-states-practical-shooting-association-uspsa-nationals-3.html Parker
  13. Ran dot drill tonight. Matched my record at 5 yards 32/36 but at 6yds. Look up the drill it's a good one to try out.
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