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  1. I have been thinking about building a 2011 Open pistol for a while but concerned about the frame/slide/barrel fit and messing things up (1st time build). Recently been speaking with 1911 store and understand that they are planning on doing a short block variant for 2011 Open Pistol in the next 3 - 6 months, so planning on putting my plans on hold until these come through. I think that with a fitted bar sto barrel and integrated compensator, frame/slide and Cheely grip, it sound as though most of the key aspects to worry about would be covered off, and wont need much major fitment/alteratio
  2. Thanks Giving Discounts from Phonix Trinity I have been following the thread above about potentially ordering a Honcho, given the potential advantages with multiple barrels, disciplines etc, but understand that PT are currently offering up to $1000 USD off all orders over the Thanks Giving weekend ! Means you can get a 3 gun for $4k and Open Gun for $5k (limited time offer), or I believe that you can get 2 extra barrels for free if you 'build your own'. Sounds like a fab deal for anyone still interested, although build timelines may push out a little to 14 w
  3. Interested in buying a set when available but will you be able to export to new Zealand please or is this restricted by USA export regulations? Thanks and they look great.
  4. Have a quick look at the shooters connection web site, as they have a New CK Arms 9mm Open Pistol for $3800 at the moment (discounted from $4k) but all Black. This way you know how much you would be in for, and all new Pistol.
  5. All, Thanks again for the feedback and clarification and good to know that the czechmate would be a suitable option too, and will widen the search for either a tanfoglio or czechmate. Thanks again, your input and guidance is most appreciated.
  6. All, Thanks for the response and info, this is much appreciated. Just to confirm that there are no reloading restrictions in nz, was just concerned that the czeckmate would be a little more fragile, but happy to be corrected. Matt1 - I guess you will probably be sorted for ammo when you come over for the nationals but if not and you need to reload, feel free to shout out as I have a Dillon 550 which you can use.
  7. Hi all, I have been shooting a CZ shadow for a while now, but would be keen to make the jump into an Open Pistol, as they look so much fun. Whilst I am still considering the Czechmate 9mm, I have heard that they are only designed to take minimum ‘Major’ pressures and thus wanted to also look at the Tanfoglio range to see if this would be a better choice. Thus was hoping to get some valuable insight and feedback from you all if possible please, on the following Tang options, as to which one you would propose would be the better choice for someone new to the Open division. Options in
  8. Just looking to get my first open pistol, but I live in New Zealand where STI is the only brand available and an STI DVC open retails for over NZ $8k, (which is beyond my pay grade). Thus potentially looking at the following options and would appreciate any input or views please on how they compare and which route you would recommend:- 1) Buy a standard STI Trubor for NZ $6k 2) Buy a CK ARMs Open Solution Pistol (no bells and whistles) for NZ $4.5k (inc import taxes etc) 3) Buy a CK ARMs Thunder variant (off the shelf) and import for NZ $6k Obviously keen to
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