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  1. Good point, haven't had one since installing. Going to have to check that..
  2. Here is a pic of the extended release, it's huge. Luckily it works for me quite well as my support hand doesn't come near it.
  3. Got mine from Earls too, same situation, had been on order since May'ish.
  4. I ordered one from Earls back in the summer. Just got a call two weeks ago that they're finally on the way from Germany. Might want to contact Earl's Repair Service and see if all the pre-ordereded ones are already spoken for.
  5. Nuts! I like those flat backs... guess I have to buy these too.
  6. Interesting, either I missed that when I ordered mine or it wasn't there yet. Regardless, mine seems to be good to go.
  7. Sprinco now has on their website a guide rod and spring specifically for the SF - it has the notch to allow the takedown lever to return.
  8. Seems to hit some folks wrong. It has never once bothered me but a friend picked it up and instantly noticed it cutting into him on that left side of the beavertail. I've read a few people noting they've sanded down that edge.
  9. LOK released their Bogie grips for the SF: https://lokgrips.com/walther/walther-q5-match-sf/standard/walther-q5-match-sf-bogies-black/
  10. Hey all, Looking to start trying CO soon, but I'm having a hard time finding reviews/feedback regarding what I would consider an important metric. I'm using the Walter Q5, and want to utilize my plates vs. milling; due to this, I'm looking for the RDS that is the shortest from its base to the dot. In other words, what sight has the lowest dot so that I can try to keep the dot as close to the bore as possible without milling? Thanks in advance.
  11. Thank you, I'll give the Sprinco springs a try. The Wolff SKU number I bought was 43712 - Glock 17, 17L - 12# spring. The tapered end of the spring had to be opened up a bit with needle nose pliers to get it going on to the rod, but that was it.
  12. Only around 1000 rounds in on mine, no issues or failures yet. Main issue I've had is my thumb frequently finds its way on top of the slide lock, preventing lock at end of mag. I'm not seeing the wear from mag wobble like others seem to be. About 200 rounds ago I put a Wolff Glock 17 - 12 pound spring on the original steel guide rod - working just fine so far. Only thing I'd like to change is to improve the trigger a bit. Anyone tried the Apex on these recently (are they now OK for the SF)? The Walther competition trigger looks great but I can't imagine it will be approved for production.
  13. Just got mine back from Robar for NP3 treatment.
  14. I see where USPSA added it fully to the production list yesterday (no longer just CO only):
  15. My first match of the year this past weekend (Ohio) seemed to have an increase in CO shooters. Back half of '18 the monthly matches had 5-10% CO shooters and this past weekend was at 14%. I'm interested in doing it, but my main reason isn't for the optic, it's for minor scoring only with more than 10 round mags.
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