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  1. SIr, I plan to shoot in the November Desert Brutality match. Can you please provide the address and or website for the match/club ? My google-fu must be weak as I can't find it. Regards
  2. My Colt runs great on a #9-10 recoil and standard main. My understanding is that SA uses a heavier than standard main spring.
  3. I've been using a Wilson shok-buff in my Colt .38 super with no ill effect for years, in fact I just changed it out after 2+ years. Dawson makes an aluminum guide rod that is supposed to be like an aluminum shok-buff if you really want one. I used one for a while in my Colt with no ill effects.
  4. My Colt .38 super is very, very reliable as a super. With a 9mm Brown drop in barrel and different springs it is showing the same potential. I tried using .38 super mags but it works better with actual 9mm mags like Wilson, Mecgar and Tripp. Had to go to #9-10 recoil spring too.
  5. I use VV N340 for minor .38 SA loads. N320 works too but I get good accuracy out of the N340 and super reliability with a #15 Wilson flatwire recoil spring. I have a supply of N330 that I'm itching to try.
  6. Thank you gerritm, That's what I wanted to know !
  7. I recently put a JP unit in my primary rifle. It's not a "race" rifle more of a general purpose rifle. I use it in local 2 gun matches. I do like the way the gun feels with the JP in there as compared to the Giessele super 42 w/H2. Both work just fine but the JP is smoother with less disturbance to the front sight [I shoot irons]. So I like it but my question has to do with longevity. Any known issues with the JP ? Have any of you run one of these for long round counts? Thank you
  8. I shoot irons and I like the 36 yard zero. Between 25 and 300 I have a spread of roughly 5 1/2"
  9. Thank you Bob. It does this will all mags. The top round slides forward enough to stop the magazine from ejecting, when the mag is removed from the pistol it's enough to strip the top round. OAL is 1.15 with 124gr. FMJ
  10. Or, is this an ammunition issue? Currently using a 124 FMJ with 4.2 gr VV N320
  11. So the top round in the magazine noses forward under recoil. I have other pistols do this to a small extent but it's never been an issue. But my new SIG P-210 American does it to a greater extent that when trying to drop a partial magazine the mag hangs up and when stripped from the pistol it strips off the top round. I'm pretty sure this isn't unique to the p 210 but it is annoying. Otherwise the pistol is excellent and I want to use it in 2 gun shooting. What possible remedies are available? SIG CS is worthless on this issue, I tried.
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