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  1. I shoot irons and I like the 36 yard zero. Between 25 and 300 I have a spread of roughly 5 1/2"
  2. Thank you Bob. It does this will all mags. The top round slides forward enough to stop the magazine from ejecting, when the mag is removed from the pistol it's enough to strip the top round. OAL is 1.15 with 124gr. FMJ
  3. Or, is this an ammunition issue? Currently using a 124 FMJ with 4.2 gr VV N320
  4. So the top round in the magazine noses forward under recoil. I have other pistols do this to a small extent but it's never been an issue. But my new SIG P-210 American does it to a greater extent that when trying to drop a partial magazine the mag hangs up and when stripped from the pistol it strips off the top round. I'm pretty sure this isn't unique to the p 210 but it is annoying. Otherwise the pistol is excellent and I want to use it in 2 gun shooting. What possible remedies are available? SIG CS is worthless on this issue, I tried.
  5. I've been using a Dillon SQDB since 1996. I don't think there's an original part on it due to Dillon's excellent warranty. I use coated bullets, currently using 147 gr, .357 with VV N320. Makes PF and clean burning.
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