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  1. Hello The RL 1100 should also have a much softer indexing. On my press I cut a turn of index ball spring the powder no longer jumps to indexing
  2. The most economical way for indexing is less brutal on a 1050 is to cut one or two turns of the ball spring index. If you have cut too much spring just add in the spring housing a washer of the right diameter. Since I did this little operation the indexation is much softer, the powder does not jump out
  3. ''No. Evolution with standard priming, bullet feeder and regular case feeder in a caliber of your choice is still $3999.80 according to the web site.''  More dies that are no longer delivered with the press $4000 +$500
  4. I could have an EVO complete at 2750. I had planned to buy several M7 EVO but at $4000 plus die $500 I throw in the towel.
  5. A $ 4000 less order not hiring new employee
  6. Or this aluminum piece it is necessary to adjust the tip to the file so that it fits perfectly the bowl, otherwise the cases come to hang on the tip and a screw to fix. It is unacceptable for Hornady to make a bullet feeder that does not work properly.
  7. I received my press EVO in October, the case feeder had to be in 220v (I ordered in 220v) for Europe, it is in 110v. M7 offered me to buy a transformer and to reimburse me all the expenses related to this purchase. I sent the invoice and transformer photo, two times in a row, one month apart, and I never received a response from M7.
  8. at this price 2250 it is preferable to mount the system of the Camdex
  9. I have already disassembled the press next time it is powder measure.
  10. The Rolls of reloading presses: https://www.turban-cnc.de/index.php?article_id=66&clang=1
  11. I have three Dillon two 550 and a RL 1050 I am very satisfied. It was Dillon who woke up the reloading market. The after sales service is at the top lately I sent a photo of two primer early system the plastic had become brittle (over 25 years) I received the 2 system and no charge. I do not know many manufacturers who change 25-year-old parts for free. I ordered the M7 EVO directly at the factory, I waited almost 10 months, it is a beautiful machine very well designed, (I disassembled completely). But the big criticism that I make to M7, they offer catalog parts or accessories that they are unable to deliver to the customer, and it's been a long time that it lasts, without significant improvement.
  12. But no it does not cost twice as much. I receive my EVO press on Wednesday (pre order at M7) It will come back to me at 2750 € with taxes. If you ordered from DAA it's a little more than 3000 € we must take advantage of the weakness of the dollar?
  13. My evo press will soon leave Florida and fly over the Pacific Ocean. I hope the plane will not be hijacked by a pirate.?
  14. pre ordered 3 Feb, normally shipped next week?
  15. The only advantage of the mini is to avoid the accident by putting his fingers under the press Another disadvantage is to monitor the height of the warheads in the tube before turning to the next stack.
  16. RGA have you ordered your EVO from Double Alpha or pre order from M7? Thank you
  17. When I ordered from M7 to my knowledge there was no reseller in Europe
  18. Thank you Quiller. 7 months that I paid ...
  19. what date did you order from a dealer or Mark 7 ? I ordered an EVO February 3 at M 7. Thank
  20. I also use a Mighty Armory decapping pins on Dillon 1050 and soon on EVO? Best market decapping in my opinion
  21. Pre order February 3rd and no press
  22. Thetimb thank you for these beautiful pictures. ?
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