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  1. They drop a ton of money in match sponsorship, and about $30K just in sponsoring the SMD Carbine Series alone, so I would make the assumption that they want the competitive shooter market above any other.
  2. They are sponsoring the SMD made Carbine Series hot and heavy. I didn't see one at Alabama but heard they had them in Virginia over the weekend. Their rifles are well built so I imagine their PCC would be no different, shame they do not accept Glock mags though, poor choice in my opinion.
  3. These are the shades that Ken with Practiscore had something to do with, sold here: https://www.wehateglare.com/
  4. Weber has a sweet set up, along with the best retention holsters and mag pouches in the industry. https://webertactical.com/product/weber-tactical-signature-holster-hanger/
  5. I've tried a bunch and I absolutely love the Vortex Razor HD, best bang for the buck and a hell of a company that supports more matches than anyone else.
  6. Your run of the mill 2-gun match is no more than a USPA match with some extra transitions and skills tested. Quick in - quick out still rules the day really. There are some varieties like He-Man matches that really test you physically but those are not the norm. I would say you are doing everything right gym wise, may want to focus on dumping / retrieving your rifle from a trash can or from a table, also sling work depending on your Club rules.
  7. Come play in Texas! Texas PCC Shootout at Area 59 on 6/29. These guys put on awesome matches with very creative stages.
  8. I do not have any experience running xylan coated mags but I have never had an issue with the SS versions either. I would be hesitant to change.
  9. I broke down and found a place online that sold individual pieces and went to town ordering a bunch of spings and detents, after shipping it was about $20 and now I'm stocked for a long time.
  10. I am a fan of running a PCC that runs, so that pretty much rules out budget builds. By the time you build a complete and running unit you would not be too far ahead of an out of the box model. Of those, I suggest JP or MBX. I also suggest Glock factory mags. Good luck!
  11. I wish there was an advanced search function on Practiscore, mostly a date range option. I only get so much free time but am more than wiling to travel, that option would cut my search time dramatically. Maybe I'll drop Ken Nelson a message...
  12. My Edge came from the factory with 2 mags and I bought 3 additional at the same time.
  13. There is a Comfort Inn at Hwy 59 and Hwy 36, about 20 minutes from the range, that is pretty nice and priced well. It's also near a Whataburger and a Waffle House so there's that.
  14. All steel construction, expanded metal top, and super easy to reset. https://www.pingtimetargets.com/activators-traps-and-doors
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