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  1. Check out www.tacticalpoppins.com, there is a great calendar for local events.
  2. Start hydrating several days before, coconut water is a great resource for this. If you drink Gatoraid the day of it is highly recommended to keep a 4:1 ratio of water to sports drink going at most. Area59 has cover at each bay so that helps but shade will not replace the bottle per stage mentality you have to have. Good luck!
  3. My MBX has been nothing but amazing. Flat, accurate, reliable, and well made. I chose not to buy a JP because I didn't want to have to put more money into a new gun when an MBX was truly competition ready from the box. JP definitely has their fanboys and I readily admit that they make a fine rifle and carbine but they are certainly not the only option.
  4. We build 8", it works well and you get 2' per wall stand so its easy to estimate cost and amount of material.
  5. That's actually quite accurate. 3 Gun Show did a poll a while back and the biggest employment was self employed and engineering. It was not a very scientific pole but there was a good amount of participation. Best way to get a sponsor? Be someone who others want to squad with.
  6. The Nerd Coffin is a pretty solid holster but the Weber 3-gun package is solid all the way around, and they are great supporters of the sport with multiple sponsorships around the country.
  7. Take a look at MBX, you will not be disappointed. Flawless reliability, Glock mags, and the best mag extensions on the market. The best part is you don't have to change anything after you buy it...
  8. North Texas Multigun shoots awesome matches in Cresson, near Weatherford, and is very active. ETTS puts on a lot of matches as well.
  9. My favorite 1911 is one of the Mil-Spec GI models that SA put out for about a decade. The only drawback was the battle sights but once I got used to them they worked out.
  10. Hit a range and let her rip, after brushing up on the basics discussed above of course. Are you throwing 55gr or a heavier round? The 55's are not great in wind so that may be an issue as well. I shoot a lot of "long range" 3 gun (out to 500-600) and I maintain a 200 yard zero, as do most of the guys and gals who shoot much better than I do. It seems excessive but once you know your holds by Strelok and confirmed by practice you will be good to go. I've also learned that the extra second or two I take to get into a better position will yield much better first round hits. Going one for one on a long distance stage feels great!
  11. I must be one of the few that doesn't like their holster. Granted, I only have experience with a single holster for a 5" 2011 but the fit was horrible. I tried to return it but after the whole restocking fee and shipping brick wall I just threw it in the drawer with the other misfit holsters. I choose Weber Tactical but I fully understand that opinions and experiences can vary and holsers/mag pouches can be a personal thing. And I believe USPSA gives you 10% off as well.
  12. They drop a ton of money in match sponsorship, and about $30K just in sponsoring the SMD Carbine Series alone, so I would make the assumption that they want the competitive shooter market above any other.
  13. They are sponsoring the SMD made Carbine Series hot and heavy. I didn't see one at Alabama but heard they had them in Virginia over the weekend. Their rifles are well built so I imagine their PCC would be no different, shame they do not accept Glock mags though, poor choice in my opinion.
  14. These are the shades that Ken with Practiscore had something to do with, sold here: https://www.wehateglare.com/
  15. Weber has a sweet set up, along with the best retention holsters and mag pouches in the industry. https://webertactical.com/product/weber-tactical-signature-holster-hanger/
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