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  1. We hold a small monthly Steel Challenge match (6 stages). At today's match, one of the squads could only complete 5 of 6 stages due to rain/lightning. For the purposes of the match, no one is concerned about the lack of total times for those shooters. However, for the purposes of SCSA classification we'd like the completed stages for those shooters to be used. Is there a recommended process that I should follow? Does something need to be done for the shooters that did not shoot the final stage (like mark it as DNF)? Just didn't know how this incomplete stage would affect the SCSA activity file creation process on practiscore.com. - Paul
  2. I have a shooter who registered for a Steel Challenge match with the incorrect member number. By the time he contacted me, the activity report had already been uploaded to steelchallenge.com. Does anyone know how this can be remedied? Can I upload the match again and have it overwrite the old number with the new (and not have to pay the activity fee for the match again)? I've submitted a question to USPSA about this but thought I would ask here while I wait for a response. - Paul
  3. Our club is considering purchasing some Kindle Fire tablets for scoring our Steel Challenge matches (we're currently using volunteers' phones). The Kindle must be registered with an Amazon account during startup. I'm interested in what other clubs are doing with respect to this. Do you create a 'club' Amazon account? Or are your Kindles registered with a volunteer's account? Do you worry about the possibility of someone making purchases or changing account settings from the tablet? Are there techniques that can be used to limit these possibilities?
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