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  1. Wrecks

    Disco revisited

    Usually when the pretravel loosens it makes the DA longer, doesn't normally cause it to stop resetting.
  2. Anyone have any idea how to lighten that button press a little? I'm 13k rounds in and it is still pretty tough to do without really changing hand positions to give my thumb more leverage.
  3. 2.5 would be the better all around choice unless you're legally blind.
  4. Thanks guys, I also reached out to Adam and he confirmed the same as you all - no issues. He even sent pics of the factory PMC he was using today for a class.
  5. Hey guys, I'm looking at picking up a Titan in 40 soon but wanted to check in on something. Will the Titan be reliable and run well with good quality factory ammo? To put it in context, I don't have the ability to load my own ammo due to a few factors, so I'd have to use factory ammo like Syntech action pistol for matches and fiocchi for training. This would be my first 2011 purchase and I've heard some horror stories about the platform being picky on ammo in general so just wanted to clear the air. Please don't turn this into a discussion about whether I should reload or not - my local range doesn't allow handloads, I don't have the space in my work bench to put it and my wife would hate to see one of these progressive press monstrosities next to the laundry.
  6. Also to be more to the point with your thread topic, if you get the slide milled with some cuts up front or what Primary Machine does you won't have any problems with SRO weight and won't have to sacrifice anything except maybe the stock grips (which are doo doo anyway).
  7. Keep in mind that the Bull Shadow with the SP01 frame (full length dust cover) isn't production legal so you'll have to use the cz75 short/standard frame if you want to use this in CO.
  8. Wrecks

    CGW Shadow 2 upgrade.

    Yeah it's great
  9. He dredged up a post from a year ago, not my fault. Sorry grump
  10. You bought a custom shop gun from a mass market movie that's still in theaters, did you expect nobody else would be lining up to get one? For putting down 12k on 3 guns you've never even held you can probably afford to wait until the DVD release to receive them.
  11. Very good take here. When I see people here say "I wouldn't use anything with an STI frame even if they paid me" I shake my head - it's just a block of metal!
  12. Keep in mind that a Bull Shadow 2 is not legal for production (and therefore CO) and also that you would have to send the frame to CZC to be milled down for the slide as it won't just drop in.
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