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  1. Wrecks

    Why Shadow 2?

    I got both of mine cut by CGW, I'm sure they could just do it all in one trip (mill + pro kit install). Better than dealing with two different wait times.
  2. Yes just use your thumb to lower the hammer slowly, it's not rocket surgery
  3. Wrecks

    Why Shadow 2?

    SP01 Shadow will be easier to make weight without concessions like using a polymer guide rod unless you get primary machine or similar to do a total trim with the slide cut at a cost of around 400 assuming you provide the slide. Getting an SP01 slide milled will cost you like 160 and you'll make weight no problem. I have both a Shadow 1 and 2 for CO and they're basically the same as far as feel goes when the buzzer starts. S2 has a wider grip profile and I find the S1 easier to grip and reach the controls but it's a pretty miniscule difference.
  4. Just get the TTI ones in black. I own both sets and they're basically identical, there's 0 difference in quality or finish. The only difference is the detent for Henning has a spring and it's actually a little more annoying to operate than the TTI.
  5. Wrecks

    New Armanov grips

    Upload it to imgur.com
  6. Here ya go fam +22 rounds 150g Syntech
  7. Take a leap of faith and get it milled. You won't regret it.
  8. Sorry for the plug but I have one for sale over on the CZ forums if you want to replace - just shoot me an offer https://czfirearms.us/index.php?topic=104489.0
  9. Wrecks

    CZ CO basepad

    I have 2 TTI +4s and 2 Henning +4s. They're the same just get the one that matches your gun grip color the best - TTI has more color options.
  10. Can you send me this gunsmith's contact info so I can refer my opponents to them?
  11. I don't know, there's a certain fun aspect to getting a gun to make weight just barely. The thrill of the build. But TBH the weight limit is self-enforcing because even my 41oz CO AccuShadow feels so much more agile than my 44.8oz S2. I can't imagine how clunky the CZC A01 in CO with it's 51oz base weight with regular base pads would feel. Would be like trying to transition targets holding a sledgehammer. If CO followed production rules for weight then you'd have to address the mag limits too, which I don't like. CO as Poor Man's Open is fine for me, I like having a lot of rounds in the mag. Removing weight would start an arm's race to make more heavy ass 9mm.
  12. As a serious hobbyist you probably want something that will let you tinker and put upgrades on if you're not going to ever compete (you should by the way, it's fun). The CZechmate is basically "done" so you'd probably be bored of it if you don't compete. And if you're not reloading it's gonna be hell sourcing 9mm major that will work well with the comp. You're better off getting something like a Shadow 1/2, TSO, or an entry level 2011 model and adding stuff on as you please. Will be a lot more fun for someone who just likes to play around with their guns.
  13. The Lok Palm swells weigh in at 55g last I checked. They now offer lightweight palm swells that are hollowed out and come in at 36g which should get you under the limit.
  14. Wrecks

    Ammo for CZ LSP

    Federal Syntech 150g is made for USPSA and is extremely affordable.
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