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  1. The nice thing about it being poor is you can buy a few of them Fire 4 Effect full package cut for SRO with Lok grips and Henning basepads CZC AccuShadow milled by CGW for Romeo 1, hard chromed by APW, and finished with the limited edition Henning rainbow grips.
  2. The quarter of an inch height delta ain't gonna change your ability to find the dot
  3. Pretty sure CZC is the only one that does a universal plate, so if that's a sticking point then you've only got the one option. On the other hand, the RMR/SRO cut also works with Holosun so you've got 3 good optics that fit the pattern if you really think you're going to mix and match (highly unlikely).
  4. I've got a Shadow 2 with a Romeo 1 that's at 15,000 rounds and counting with no issues I've got a Shadow 1 with a Romeo 1 that I've replaced 3 times in the span of 2000 rounds due to cracking or the dot breaking down. It's a crapshoot, as said above.
  5. It's called the Athena and it's a slide-mounted optic version of the Hyperion, I believe. 9mm only.
  6. Just boil the gun and hang it up on a clothes line for a few hours
  7. If you're not sure you want to do it then just buy a milled slide from CGW they're selling them by themselves right now on their site.
  8. Just a word of warning, I'm looking at the shape of them at the bottom and I think you could get in trouble for having grips that form a makeshift magwell, which would be illegal in production and CO.
  9. Wrecks

    Carry optics dot

    I hate to say it but he's right. I was a big fan of the Romeo 1, I have it on 2 different CZs. I got a brand new one and mounted it on my AccuShadow. After 600 rounds I put it in the safe, then come back a week later and the dot was 3' (three FEET) off at 10yards from where it was set previously. It literally couldn't be adjusted back down to where it was aiming. I shipped it back and they sent me a brand new replacement a week later. I mounted that one and took it to the range. I put ONE round down range and the glass cracked. I sent the slide to Cajun to get looked at again thinking it could be an issue with the cut. They processed another warranty replacement on the sight. So now I'm on a 3rd Romeo. At least their warranty department works fast
  10. Wrecks

    Carry optics dot

    Romeo 3 would look pretty ridiculous on an S2, it's pretty wide.
  11. Wrecks

    Disco revisited

    Usually when the pretravel loosens it makes the DA longer, doesn't normally cause it to stop resetting.
  12. Anyone have any idea how to lighten that button press a little? I'm 13k rounds in and it is still pretty tough to do without really changing hand positions to give my thumb more leverage.
  13. 2.5 would be the better all around choice unless you're legally blind.
  14. Thanks guys, I also reached out to Adam and he confirmed the same as you all - no issues. He even sent pics of the factory PMC he was using today for a class.
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