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  1. Scorpio

    Catching Bullets and Muzzle Flashes

    Ruger GP100 with some healthy .357 magnum H110 handloads... S&W 500
  2. Scorpio

    P320 Porn Picture Thread

    Thanks - it's my first pistol + MRDS, and giving the setup a try for my older eyes. Having more of a challenge these days with irons in picking up the front sight in quick transitions during competition.
  3. Scorpio

    Post your Dogs!

  4. Scorpio

    Another FNG

    Good day folks, was pointed towards this forum when further researching a P320 X5 (which I've recently purchased) - been doing a fair bit of reading, so figured may as well sign up. Various shooting sports is my main focus (participate in IDPA and IPSC, 3 gun style events), but also like collecting firearms, hunting etc and certainly not above just spending too much time at local ranges just plinking away lol. I enjoy reloading as well, and load for various calibres both pistol and rifle. Anyway, just a first post to the a first post out of the way lol....more of a reader than poster anyway, but I'm sure I'll have a say now and then .