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  1. Ruger GP100 with some healthy .357 magnum H110 handloads... S&W 500
  2. Thanks - it's my first pistol + MRDS, and giving the setup a try for my older eyes. Having more of a challenge these days with irons in picking up the front sight in quick transitions during competition.
  3. Good day folks, was pointed towards this forum when further researching a P320 X5 (which I've recently purchased) - been doing a fair bit of reading, so figured may as well sign up. Various shooting sports is my main focus (participate in IDPA and IPSC, 3 gun style events), but also like collecting firearms, hunting etc and certainly not above just spending too much time at local ranges just plinking away lol. I enjoy reloading as well, and load for various calibres both pistol and rifle. Anyway, just a first post to the a first post out of the way lol....more of a reader than poster anyway, but I'm sure I'll have a say now and then .
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