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  1. When you need to unscrew the V1 or V2 plate to do maintenance on it, are you suggesting that the screws screwing directly into plastic are just going to be perfectly fine? In my experience with similar plastics, those holes begin to enlarge after a few repetitions. I’ve only run 5300 primers through mine and it seems like I’ll soon need to tear mine down and clean and lubricate everything. When this was new, those last 100 primers fed fine, albeit a bit more slowly than when filled. However at the 3K mark, those last 100 were having trouble fully making it to the ramp. I’m sure that will
  2. Another update. Since I received the primer pro, I've run 5300 CCI 500's through it as I was loading ammo. These were all brand new primers, run through a single time. The good: zero flipped primers. The bad: the output onto the ramp has become extraordinarily slow. I haven't cleaned it at all, so I'll do that. I'd say it was about the 1500 primer mark that I began noticing it slow down. I'm going to run CCI small rifle primers through it next, however that's not going to be soon since I have so much 223 brass to prep. I'll probably
  3. Quick update on my primer pro. I've run 2300 primers through mine so far. At around the 1500-1600 mark, I noticed that they began going down the ramp more slowly. At the 1800 primer mark, they began reaching the hammer mechanism and stopped until another primer came down the ramp to push it past the hammer/arm mechanism to be pushed into the pickup tube. I did have a couple of primers kind of get jammed in the disk, but it wasn't so much that they jammed because when I looked at them in the disk, they were sort of canted on an angle and a
  4. Ran another 500 primers through mine today. I’m up to 800 primers through the unit without any flipped, and it’s running about the same as it was when I took it out of the box. So far so good, but I’ll write more detailed feedback once I get maybe another 1K through it. I’m using CCI 500’s exclusively with the V1 disk. I’ll be curious to see if it makes it to the 2k mark without experiencing the issues many others have shared. Hopefully I’ll have some time on Tuesday evening to get another 500 rounds loaded after work. I really want this thing to work. So far it has but I’m still pretty
  5. Got around to setting up and testing it last night. My initial plan was to run the same 500 CCI’s through it to see how long it would take to mess up. Rather than doing that, since I already had five tubes filled, I just loaded those rounds, then dumped 300 CCI 500’s into it since I had about 300 rounds left to load. All ran fine. I have a bunch of loading to do over the next few weeks so I’ll see how it goes. I’d rather test it how I load versus running 2-3K at one time since I never load that many in one session. I’m hoping to run another 500 rounds this evening. I’ll report back at the 15
  6. Just received mine today. I don’t have time to test it out right now, but will after I finish with work. I did remove it from the box and took a look at everything. Looks nice. I mean if I’m going to be honest here, it’s plastic so taking that into consideration, it’s nice for something made of plastic. I’ll be running CCI 500’s through it so my plan is to test them and see how it works. An earlier post described using silicon lubricant on the ramp so if I start having issues with the ramp I’ll go out and buy some. I’ll report back this evening.
  7. It’s hard to say. I haven’t experimented with FMJ’s, only the Xtreme 147 RN. That’s basically the only bullet I’ve used for the last four years.
  8. You make a great point at the very beginning, and I'll take it once step further. I agree about the restrictive states...that kind of stuff would make 3 gun extremely challenging to say the least. I started shooting 3 gun 4 years ago. I remember seeing before even being interested in, or shooting competitively, the 3GN events. I don't recall if they were on TV, or if I just saw them on youtube or somewhere else, but it was interesting to see a sport that I'd never heard of before. This was during the BHO era. Gun owners were freaking out, hoarding ammo, powder,
  9. I think we're mostly in agreement, and I agree that at least in the beginning, it would be a feel good division. To grow the sport, we really need to attract people who look at 3 gun and say "meh, it's not practical" or "that will get you kilt in da streets" lol. How do we get that demographic into the sport? They seem to spend money like it's going out of style, but they also aren't going to spend money on guns/gear that isn't "tactical". I'm actually surprised that the tac Timmys don't want to shoot 3 gun because it is great practice. You're practicing accuracy at speed wit
  10. Most are running a dot on their pistols so open is the only choice for them, and unless they’re planning on running a mag fed shotgun they won’t be competitive. I think part of the reason some whose gear fits into limited don’t come back is because they suck at shooting a pistol, and quadloading is something that outside of John Wick, the timmys don’t really do. I know me personally, when I started in 3 gun 4 years ago, I could have been considered a Timmy and the first match I shot highlighted how much I overestimated my pistol shooting skills. I suspect that this is what causes a Timmy
  11. A whole lot of good discussion on 3 gun. I think to attract more new shooters to the sport, we should look at at niche of 2A to see what segment is growing the largest. From my perspective, it seems that the tactical Timmys are the largest growing segment, which is clearly seen by where STI seems to be focusing their 2011's. Obviously they're not only focusing on tac Timmys, since they're making a big push into the LEO market, but by extension, the Timmys want that gear too. How many race guns does STI have in their lineup? Two, Three? 3 gun should
  12. It’s great out of mine. At 25 yards, if I shoot 10 rounds at the a zone in a headbox, 8-9 rounds are in it. I actually use that load and the DVC limited to shoot police pistol combat during the winter and most matches shot with that gun are over 465. Edit - have you run the loads over the chronograph? With that load I’m getting SD’s in the single digits.
  13. You may want to read what I wrote again because your response to my comment literally doesn't make any sort of sense. The two main handguns I compete with cost me around 8K after additional modification and tweaking, mainly on one of the two. Between them I have 22 2011 mags. That's almost 3K in mags alone. My investment in what I need for handguns alone for 3 gun and USPSA is around 11K. I'm planning on spending another $3500-4000 for a backup gun for USPSA even though my current one is extremely reliable. Where in my comment did you see me knocking anyone? My
  14. I have a pretty simple philosophy. Buy the best you can afford once you decide you’re going to stick with it. This way when you shoot terribly, you have no one to blame but yourself lol. I’m big on eliminating variables. If I’m using reliable, top of the line equipment, I have no excuses for performing poorly.
  15. I became a fan when season 2 was on because I’d never even heard of the show. I used to watch it when it aired, but now just dvr it and watch 2 or 3 in a row. It’s mainly due to a lack of time these days though.
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