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  1. Thanks for the help guys. Now that goes for the backstrap hump too? I just want to be 100 percent positive.
  2. So on a different not but still kinda the same lol. My limited gun has a frame hump on it (I'll attach pics) where the frame has been built up a bit then stippled, also I was wondering g if I re worked the inside of my magwell as it a bit beat up. I was thinking about filling it in and smoothing it out like my XD magwell is done. Also no finger grooves and a double under cut trigger gard. Would this be production legal?
  3. Dg bullets 9mm are all .356 or .358. He is in the works for a .357 sizing die. You may have to email him to find out how to get customized sizing. I lucked out because I know Dave (the owner) personally, and we shoot together so just call him and tell him to bring 5k 145 in.357 to the next match.
  4. To be honest I haven't shot them all head to head, but I have shot SNS, Bayou, ACME, and Dg bullets at some given point in time. Now saying that, they all are very similar and I couldn't honestly say that one is any better then the other, they have all had issues at some point. I am going to say that Dg bullets does a awsome job on the finish of their bullets. I have ran their 115 grain 9mm in major guns with a 175 power factor with no issues. I have not tried this with the others so I can't say on them.
  5. DG bullets makes awesome 147 fp.
  6. If you really look at it that rear sightsight is mounted to the frame and not the slide. My best guess would be that they are trying the same theory as a open gun with the frame mounted optic. The front sightsight looks to be a sight block so that wouldn't move as well.
  7. You are absolutely correct. I would still like a good old book. I forgot you dont need internet for a pdf.
  8. I would prefer to have a book, as where I live there are many ranges that do not have cell service or internet, which leads to it own problems.
  9. I would prefer to have a book, as where I live there are many ranges that do not have cell service or internet, which leads to it own problems.
  10. I love my 929 it shoots great. Slap a extended firing pin in and lighten the trigger up a bit and it runs top notch. That being said there are some issues I have had with it. 1) it always wanted to shake the bullet out of the case while firing. I solved this by useing a undersized sizing die and running .357 bullets ( always ran bayou bullets in my 929). 2) I wish the cylinder had a better chamfer. All in all you can't be upset if you get one 929 and a 627 and so on lol. Best of luck to you.
  11. I have no experience with the PCC but I run bayou bullets 124 grain at 172 power factor and I get very little leading. I clean my comp with hydrogen peroxide and white vinegar then I put some anti splatter spray for welders in the comp and I give it a spray here and there at a match and the comp stays nice and clean for the most part. I must say i also use a bullet that's .357. This is just my milage and yours may very.
  12. Keep us updated. I'd like yo know what you come up with.
  13. That's built by Dcprecision LLC. 45 plus ounces, 3 port comp with 2 popple holes. Fast and flat and built for major 9.
  14. I think it comes down to what you like. A open glock isnt as nice looking as a 2011. That and weight is a big thing, at 30 ounces that can be a big disadvantage to a 50 ounce 2011. I've shot a open glock that shoots just as nice as a 2011 open gun.
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