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  1. you would havw to call hime and talk to him about it. This was a full build in trigger that i sent him my gun to do. With that being said, he is so busy he rarely takes them on. but you can get close with his comp trigger and the new flat trigger shoe. In fact my johnny trigger in my production G34 pulls at 2 pounds with a 4.5 pound striker spring and thats just a drop in trigger with the stock Glock trigger shoe. Tell him Jimmy Erickson sent you, he is always willing to work to give his custamers what they want.
  2. That was 2 weeks ago. It's the only Glock trigger I've had that light that was 100 percent reliable. And I've tried a lot of them. I all so have a couple DC guns and even with the DC guns I use Johnny Glock triggers.
  3. Am I missing something here? Because I thought that SPS magwell was all one piece of polymer and intergraded with the grip.
  4. Johnny Glock just built my race trigger. It's average was 1 pound 3.7 oz out of ten pulls. It's also very short, crisp, and fast on the reset.
  5. I'm with floater, give Johnny Glock a call. If there is any formula for Glock triggers, he has it.
  6. Johnny Glock is the best you can get in a Glock. In my opinion.
  7. Funny because I shoot 9.8 grains of major pistol on a 125 grain DG bullet ( coated) and I get no leading at all. All I do is slap some cleaner in the comp at the same time I clean the gun, swap it with a Q-tip and call it a day. Welcome to open. It's very addicting.
  8. I have no clue why. But I can tell you, I shoot a lot of these through my open gun and never have a issue. I also haven't had anything suggesting the lead is soft. I don't know lol, all I can say is, I've shot 30,000 rounds in the last year and a half (plus whatever my father shot) and I can say they have been great.
  9. I've been using DGbullets for the last year and a half and I've been very happy with them. Great price and quality. Im shooting 125s in open this year. They have been great.
  10. I have a bad astigmatism in my eyes and I use a Holosun 510c with the 2.5 moa dot only. It's one of the only dots that I can see a perfect fit and not have a star burst affect with it. I had a C-more and a Romeo 3 and I didn't like them, especially the C-more with a 8moa dot. That 8 moa dot with my eyes and the starburst I was getting would cover the head done of a target at ten yards.
  11. My Johnny Glock competition trigger is legal for ssp and has never been questioned. Just get his trigger with the stock Glock trigger shoe and you'll be good.
  12. My IDPA gun is a Glock 34 with a Johnny Glock trigger, Vogel dynamic sights, and a 11 pound ismi recoil spring. The gun just runs and runs.
  13. Does anyone know where I can get the 92x configuration for open?
  14. I shoot 125 grain DGbullets with 10.3 grains of major pistol. I have ten (10) popple holes in my gun and I get no leading at all, it's a dirty combination but no leading.
  15. My 514 lot has been great and easier than i thought it was going to be to make power factor in my V10 tanfo. I'm at 10.3 grains on a 124 grain DGbullet with a over all length of 1.190. This is giving me a average of 174 power factor. I have all so gotten the same results out of a different lot number. My lowest power factor was a 173 and my highest is a 175. These numbers have been taken through a 30 round test through the crono.
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