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  1. Save your self alot of time and get a Johnny glock custom trigger. Its money well spent. #teamjohnnyglocks
  2. Will Wingfield at fire4efects is doing milling for the shadow2. Je does excellent work.
  3. Do you have a compensator on your gun? If so you might not be shooting a hot enough round. I shoot 124 grain dg bullets with 7.6 grains of cfe puts me at a 176 power factor. 11 pound recoil spring and a 4 pound striker spring.
  4. I ordered one to try as well. It may take the spring to break in a bit before you get that extra round in it. I down load my mags by one anyways
  5. I shot 160s all last year at 3.0 grains of titegroup and it put me at a 137 power factor out of my g34. They shot well but always seemed low for my point of aim. I now shoot145s.
  6. I have shot 3.2 grains of titegroup on a 135 grain dgbullet, which is a coated bullet. In my glock 34 this made 135 power factor. I was running mixed brass with cci primers and OAL of 1.140. I now shoot 3.0 grains of titegroup on a 145 grain dgbullet for a 135 power factor and every thing else is the same. I'm also running my bullets at .356 size. I have a buddy running 115 grain dgbullets in his major open gun and they work great, I'm not sure of his load. He shoots out of a custom built cz sp01. We have played with my loads in a PCC and they seem to shoot really well. They also shoot great out of my 929 revolver but the PF drops to a 128.
  7. Open is a blast even tho I've only shot it three times or so. As for the bullets my teammate is running a cz sp01 that he built to open and he is shooting major 9 with 115 grain DG bullets with out and buildup issues. His gun runs fast, flat, and clean. This is just the example that I have messed with and it may very with what others have noticed. I shoot limited minor and soon to be limited major but plan to take open up in the future.
  8. I shoot mixed brass out of my 929. I did have problems with my bullets walking out of the brass on recoil no matter how I crimped them, so I ended up getting a lee under size 9mm sizing die. So now I deprime and size on a load master, stage one is a standard 9mm sizing die and stage three is the 9mm undersized die. Now when I load on my 659 I just have enough crimp to take the bell out from the bullet feeder. My 929 never has a problem running with all the mixed brass that I use and on a reload the just fall in. I'm running 145 grain DGbullets at a .356, with 3.1 grains of titegroup at a 1.140 OAL. It's a 130power factor out of my gun without the comp.
  9. I get it, when we came up with a design for my limited gun,we wanted to add a much weight as possible and it was another spot to put weight. Really would help alot in CO. Does CO have a weight limit?
  10. My limited gun has tungsten packed I. The backstrap aswell.
  11. Yup not cheap, but his craftsmanship is worth it. You know what they say buy once, cry once. All I can say is I love my LCH.
  12. RHT refused to make me a holster for my gun, so I went to lytton custom holsters. Justin built me exactly what I wanted and its fantastic. Check him out.
  13. I use pmag in my r17 for limited minor and steel matches but I have heard that anything other than glock mags ar not reliable in the 40cals. And I'm cheap lmao.
  14. I'm planing to make the switch to 40 s&w in USPSA limited, there for i need mag extensions. I happened to stumble on the strike industries mag extensions. I have not been able to find any good reviews on them, good, bad, or the other. They say that they will fit the 140mm mag gauge. Does any one have any experience with the strike industries mag extensions?
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