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  1. neck tension isn't only affected by neck ID, it's also affected by the brass hardness(how much you anneal) https://www.ampannealing.com/articles/40/annealing-under-the-microscope/
  2. if you have a chrono while doing load development, you really won't need to verify past 100 yards. - 100 yard zero - bullet BC - muzzle velocity everything else will be a calculation based on your ballistic software - this isn't bench rest or F-class where you are trying to hit sub MOA paper bullseyes on a static range - name of the game for PRS is recoil control, so you can call your shots, and adjust on the fly yes you can true your BC if you have a longer range, but it's not required, if you and your gear is up to it, you should be able to true your BC after your first couple shots
  3. Idk about others, but I use a bipod maybe 10-15% of the time for a PRS match. really depends on the COF. but in general, if it’s not prone. Bag vs. bipod is normally a toss up for me. in the same breathe, I’ve had an atlas, atlas copy, and a harris. after trying the ckyepod, I sold the rest, and bought another cykepod Will likely never use another bipod, for PRS/prone shooting.
  4. lol, my thoughts as well, besides the chapped ass thing
  5. Just wondering what you consider "long run"? Most guys running PRS/NRL plan on changing barrels every 1200-1800 rounds especially the 6mm guys, which is like 80% of the field for me, and I'm sure for others as well, burning 5-10% of your barrel life and $100-$200 of ammo on "break-in" is hard to justify if there's no crazy advantage now if we're talking BR or F-class shooting, then it's probably a totally different discussion which I know nothing about, probably don't want to either, lol
  6. this, try shooting a 223 AR at an indoor range. 223 really shines at 100-500 yards. 10-50 feet, there are better calibers, like 9mm
  7. unless you have a bunch of spare AR stuff and glock mags get a gen2 MPX and be done with it unless you’re chasing a super light gun, or want to tinker a lot MPX is still the best out of the box in terms of reliability, ammo flexibility, and recoil impulse
  8. squad with the higher ranked open guys and copy their stage plan of course there may be some differences due to PCC having the advantage on long range, and open having the advantage for hard leans and tight spaces. but in general, there's normally only 1, maybe 2 ways to run a stage. everything else with PCC is accuracy and how fast you can pull the trigger
  9. https://nrl22.org/ hopefully this picks up on the west coast, since most ranges near the cities are limited to 100-200 yards
  10. Not really a "mod" more of the easiest way to fit the mags to the NFA magwell I've had maybe 2-3 malfunctions in the past 1500 rounds using this setup
  11. this take the mag apart. blue the entire top part of the mag with a sharpie. insert a few times, and release. See where the sharpie rubbed off, that's where you need to adjust with either a vise or brass hammer
  12. Shouldn't affect your buffer setup too much. I run the same setup(bolt, buffer, and load) in both the ULW and the tensioned 16" barrel
  13. get a 24 for Limited Major. 17L would only be good for steel challenge limited. - anything else, the 34 is good enough, if not superior
  14. I squaded with a few guys running this yesterday. Makes me want to shoot PCC again
  15. found it on IG https://www.instagram.com/p/Bl5t5Z0Hl2M/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
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