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  1. give the micro pocket a try if someone local has one. if you grip hard enough, it has a decent amount of grip IMO more than the cheely IMO, which I also have
  2. if you want more capacity, you can buy 170mm mags. TTI base pads for 2011’s are all designed for competition(to meet the 141.25mm length maximum for limited) thats what the chart is for
  3. agree, I ran factory ammo for my first 1k rounds of competition night and day difference when I started reloading PCC's are just like open guns, the load makes just as much of a difference as all your other hardware combined(bolt, buffer, barrel, etc..)
  4. it's all about the bolt, hammer, and sear if the back of the bolt is cut and ramped properly, it should work with most ar-15 triggers. wouldn't blame it 100% on the trigger
  5. PCC allows you to game a little more and is faster pace - shooting far targets from one box - no reloads I haven't tried carry optics yet, but even the awesome carry optics shooters I've seen, do have to dial it back a little compared to Open & PCC probably depends on your skill set(rifle vs. pistol) as well
  6. yup these look really good, I was just about to order a pair of SV grips, but now I may have to rethink my choices
  7. Limcat just released a small steel grip
  8. it's also not easy to travel with an SBR
  9. maybe a ramped version will be available later this year
  10. N320 is way better for minor loads, burns cleaner, more volume, similar weight, only down side is cost, but when you load 9mm minor, its still the least expensive component
  11. pictures or it didn’t happen, lol seriously though, what length did you end up getting?
  12. back of the Magwell - nearest to the trigger guard - I run a couple strips of 3M vinyl(what people use to wrap cars), on the back(primer side) of the mag where it contacts the Magwell also, try running shorter OAL's, and tuning the feedlips basically need to treat it like an open gun, and get the bullet point either at the chamber, or at the bare minimum, top 1/3 of the ramp.
  13. sounds like the extractor tension is a little on the high side if you do have an AFTEC, try take out 1 spring - would be worth cleaning it out as well, could be a piece of dirt stuck in there .
  14. if you bump the slide will it go into battery? if not, it's either the extractor or possibly ammo
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