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  1. I like the holosun 2 moa 510c in green. Super bright easy to pick up.
  2. I just emailed them keep trying.
  3. I had to send back my 510c they where really good and getting me a label to returning it. Just had to be patience as it was during the week of shot show and nobody was in there shop. I am sure they will take care do you.
  4. I have open Glock with the 10 port carver comp. I use 124 xtreme heavy plated using 6.8 auto comp. powe factor is 169 runs really well.
  5. This go watch the tuning videos from Atlas and get the kit from Dawson. This is what I did and I used all TTI springs and followers I am sure grams would have worked as well.
  6. nbdyspl

    Bul Armory?

    I used an xtreme Heavy plated 124 at that length and it fit. I did see some other try some 124 JHP and they wouldn’t. I guess that it has to do with the profile of the Bullet that is used.
  7. nbdyspl

    Bul Armory?

    I can only pass on what I was told and saw. Was told specifically that the gun barrel is made to Sami specs out of the box. I did see them try several other people ammunition made at lengths between 1.165 to 1.195. They would not feed into the barrel. I am sure the barrels can be reamed. I just was passing along what they “The BUL people “ said that out of the box they are made to Sami specs.
  8. nbdyspl

    Bul Armory?

    Was at a match recently where they had there newest open guns. Was told that there barrels can’t take ammunition loaded Longer than Sami specs.
  9. I Sorry for the confusion I was saying mine also says Pistol not rifle. I was replying to Part time redneck. He should follow you advice I agree something isn’t right with what he has.
  10. Mine doesn’t say rifle. It says pistol. I think something might not be correct.
  11. Please make a alpha 3 XL then where talking.
  12. What he normally does if you buy his customize trigger option he talks to you in person and answers all you questions. He also listen to what you are looking for. Go to YouTube as well watch some of his videos.
  13. It’s the best trigger you can buy. Give him a call you will see. Anybody who has bought triggers then went to Johnny afterward have said why did I waste my time and money on all the others. This includes me.
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