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  1. I Sorry for the confusion I was saying mine also says Pistol not rifle. I was replying to Part time redneck. He should follow you advice I agree something isn’t right with what he has.
  2. Mine doesn’t say rifle. It says pistol. I think something might not be correct.
  3. Please make a alpha 3 XL then where talking.
  4. What he normally does if you buy his customize trigger option he talks to you in person and answers all you questions. He also listen to what you are looking for. Go to YouTube as well watch some of his videos.
  5. It’s the best trigger you can buy. Give him a call you will see. Anybody who has bought triggers then went to Johnny afterward have said why did I waste my time and money on all the others. This includes me.
  6. Keep you glock go google Johnny glock triggers. He will fix your issues.
  7. How much does it weight in race gun configuration? Did they ever try it with popel holes?
  8. You can run major power factor open in a Glock. Look up carver customs. He has been building them for years and can tell you what you need. Now is it better than a 2011? That is another question all toghether.
  9. I just was going buy what I was told when I called the police station and spoke with the person that does the regsitrations and background checks I have found out what the law states and how the police actually do things are two different things. The person actually told me on the phone that nics check sometimes have delays and you might have to leave your firearm there. I also remember it being expensive to do. I decided that for as many hoops as theybwjere making me do I said forget it wasn’t worth it to me 3 or 5days wouldn’t matter for me. I still don’t understand why a citizen of the US has to do any of this. However if your not a citizen you have 90 days seems kind of backwards to me. My advice is to call the local law enforcement to make sure what they require to be 100 safe.
  10. I went to Hawaii last year and was thinking about the same thing. I called the law enforcement office in Oahu and spoke with the person who does the registration. The law at the time was 3 days if your are a US citizen and 90 if you not. This to me is the crazy thing I have ever heard of but it is true. They also charge for registration and background check I dont remember the exact amount but I do recall it being expensive. It not just registration that they do they also do a background check as well. If your background check gets delayed your gun could end up being held by them as well until your background check clears.It just not worth it to me . Oh you must make sure as well that your gun is on the approved list of firearms. Most of them are but they do have this law as well. I would call the police station before you go and speak with the person who does all the background checks and registrations to make sure you have all your bases covered. They also have other laws about how you are allowed to transport the firearm on the island.
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