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  1. Don’t worry I am sure you will get a fine gun. I have two from Akai and they are great.
  2. So it sounds like you might have found the culprit. You may want to adjust the tension in the original extractor as well it doesn’t sound like it has enough tension if it won’t extract a case.
  3. 1.10 that doesn’t sound right. I have a couple of 9 major from Akai and I can load berrys or xtreme heavy plated all the way out to 1.20 and pass the plunk test. My normal length is 1.175. Also I don’t believe he recommends auto comp he recommends hs6 or aa7 or shooter world major pistol which is the same as aa7
  4. Oh I thought you said you had new barrel or slide or something just recently.
  5. I actually have exact same gun. 6 and 7lb would do the exact same thing. I changed to 8lb variable Wolff spring with coils cut and that fixed it. I know some that have had to use a 9lb spring as well. Hope that is what it is for you.
  6. Did you try going up one pound in recoil spring? What is the pound recoil spring your running right now?
  7. I have used them up to 7.3 of autocomp they where just fine for me no blow by or flattening. However your mileage may very for you.
  8. That would explain all the 9m setback videos lately from them. They have also been making videos talking about how 165 is to high of a power factor for open guns.
  9. Hello Todd can I be added to wait list as well for 9major cleaned thank you.
  10. Bobby is for sure very nice and is the go to guy if you are using a Glock for a race gun. I will say though the best triggers that use all Glock parts come from Johnny Glock.
  11. I know a few people that shoot the sps vista and they love it. I would vote for that.
  12. I like the holosun 2 moa 510c in green. Super bright easy to pick up.
  13. I just emailed them keep trying.
  14. I had to send back my 510c they where really good and getting me a label to returning it. Just had to be patience as it was during the week of shot show and nobody was in there shop. I am sure they will take care do you.
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