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  1. I too found that clamps affected the POI so made a 'stabiliser' out of some snug fitting aluminium tube with a grub screw underneath ( to prevent rotation) and a modified nylon 'terry clip' (UK terminology, possibly a 'tool clip' in the US) to simply locate on the barrel. Without stressing anything it prevents the tube from unscrewing. My extension is made from an old Savage pump tube repurposed.
  2. Small mags and rock and lock system unfortunately though
  3. Ain’t that the truth! but, in my humble opinion, it’s half the fun and when you get it sorted it’s such a great achievement
  4. At a competition last year, all and sundry were having stoppages and fails, the eventual winner was shooting a standard Mossberg 500! I believe though that the Benelli's, Vepr's Saiga's, Typhoons and the like will usually carry the day but I choose to shoot left field with either my PM5, Ithaca 37 or 1187. Whichever one I use gives great performance (as long as I do my bit!) and bags of fun!
  5. For xtian999 a pic of the PM5 mag release and magazine latch block On the left is an HDM 5 shot mag, modified to fit the PM5 (the latch block is painted) This was an experiment as the HDM mags are also available in 10 shot. It works fine except for the hold open on empty which I will address by an addition to the follower which will mimic the original. On the right an original 7 round magazine showing the brass catch block which is fixed to the mag through the upper view hole with a countersunk M4 screw and epoxy. There was no drilling/filing or cutting of the original gun and it can be returned to stock simply by replacing parts.
  6. We in the UK are not likely to see these for a few years yet, but the double stack 20 has got to be the holy grail for this type of shotgun, despite the 'semi' rock-in attachment method. It looks like a 'drop-out' release (hopefully)though. I use a Valtro PM5 for Practical Shotgun this side of the pond and eliminated the 'rock and lock' by building a mag well with trigger finger release catch, straight in/drop out assembly. While many of my shooting pals use semi autos, I never have ammo issues and can use the lightest stuff available due to it being a pump. Magazine size is always my issue, I run with cactus arms extensions at the moment but am modifying HDM/Typhoon mags to fit at this time I do like pump guns and its great that Mossberg and Remington are now in the mag fed arena (bigger magazines needed Remington!!) Valtro PM5
  7. Hi, found this great forum while looking for bug fixes for my 1187, great reading and maybe found the problem too! Shooting alive and well in the UK if maybe a little more restricted than over the pond Shoot mainly practical shotgun using a Valtro PM5, Ithaca 37 and Remington 1187, not the usual mainstream stuff but I love them all I also collect older US pump guns
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