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  1. While we have and adore the Vortex 1-6x Razor HD Gen 2 and their 2.5-10x32, neither felt "right" to me on the SCAR17. I use 3.5x TA11 ACOGs (green horseshoe flavor) on some other rifles, but went with a 4x ACOG https://thetacticalscopes.com/best-optic-scar-17/ on the SCAR.I think its lightweight, no-fuss (no batteries, no changing powers, etc.), and durability go well on a SCAR. Having a bit more magnification might be nice, at times, but for the general purpose manner in which I use the rifle, the ACOG is more than just good enough. That includes some use out to 600m.Here's us, chilling on the deck after shooting a little steel, with a friend (the HK P30S on the rail).
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