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  1. Rear Sight exploded at a match. Need Info for sourcing springs and screws. Shooting a stock 2. No idea how it happened. Just saw the whole thing start flopping around on stage 3 of the 8 stage day. Will LPA sell them? Is it a common part to get lost? I found one spring in the grass but couldn’t find anything else. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I think I’ve seen them on here before. http://eaacorp.com/gun_accessories/index.php/parts/tanfoglio/witness/grips.html?p=1 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Thats what I've been doing. Practice draws and first shot then short stroking for a few minutes. Then taping it up and dry firing everything else.
  4. I tried to verify that the springer basepads are production legal with them, but couldn't get a straight answer. Anyone actually looked, measured, and weighed them to clarify their legality. I know they are heavy but with the +4oz rule I don't think it will be problem. Its primarily size in the box I am worried about. https://shop.springerprecision.com/product.sc?productId=327&categoryId=51 Those are the ones I am looking at.
  5. Why? I really like the feel of the extreme trigger, just the less curve and the texturing. What are your must have mods for trigger feel outside of the polish. We took opposites paths, I switched from a Q5 to a tanfo lol.
  6. You can use everything. I'm just saying you don't need everything. If you've got money to burn, let it burn. You will likely want some stuff like grips and basepads before a lot of the tiny internal stuff. Out of the box the only thing you really 'need' is a fiber front. Watch MemphisMechanic series on youtube about tearing down and polishing everything. He's on here and knows his Tanfo stuff.
  7. Do you recommend doing the single piece sear before the bolo and hammer?
  8. That will definitely get you started, not sure you need everything in the BSPS kit. The polishing is more important to get done and get done well. Makes a huge difference. These are where I got my mags. https://www.cdnnsports.com/eaa-witness-large-frame-9mm-17rd-afc-magazine-oe.html#.Ww6xC0gvxaQ 10 bucks cheaper each.
  9. Blue magic is awesome. I started with mothers metal polish, but it was taking a hell of a lot longer. Switched and sped it up by a ton.
  10. I was able to get my stock on filed down nearly flat and did my best to color match it to the frame.
  11. Yeah that’s a good deal. I’ll reach out to them next time I have two weeks between Matches. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I will have to do that eventually. I have matches coming up every weekend for a while. I was able to take my press and I just run the seating die again and get it straightened out to 1.115-8 and that seems to plunk fine. Going to test fire tomorrow. Will PD just Bring to SAAMI default?
  13. Sweet! Good work, I was able to shave about that much off as well. I just need the new hammer, sear, trigger and bolo.
  14. I played with a bunch and they seem to all like that range. Now I just need to rig my press to just reseat the bullet.
  15. I am using 125 blue bullets so I will have to give it a shot! Not looking forward to smooshing in 3k rounds I already have loaded. I am running a fairly low power load, 4.4g of Unique so I think I should be fine. I don't have a chrono, so I am going based on feel. I am going to have to test it out and play for the plunk. I think mine are at 1.135 right now.
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