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  1. I have been shooting since the invention of gunpowder ! I just tried the 50/50 drill for the first time. GREAT !!!!!! The inventor should get a Nobel Prize and a bag of peanuts.
  2. Sad B Shooter

    Apex Trigger

    Has any one installed a Apex flat trigger in a P320 after upgrade and if so, what was the new pull weight.
  3. I have flown with four handguns without any problem. Is there a practical upper limit for the number of guns. (I don't plan on flying with dozens but would six or seven cause World War 3 )
  4. I have been shooting a SP 01 for the last two years and have put over 20,000 rounds of all kinds of factory ammo thru it with no more than a handfull of failures. I have used most name brands made in the U.S. as well as ammo from Brazil, Mexico, and also Blazer. Accuracy on all of them is fine for USPSA.
  5. I have shot a couple of IDPA matches as a non-member of a club "out West" When the scores were posted, I had 12 procedurals. Nobody said anything to me while I was shooting. I really believe that the score keepers enjoyed giving procedurals. That's a great way to discourage new shooters from coming back.
  6. I just bought a Cmore sight for my CORE. The dot is so bright I cannot see the target, litterally. I plan on bringing it bact and get another brand
  7. I didn't start until I was 61. That was over sixteen years ago. (do the math). Last year I shot over 50 matches. Didn't win any of them but wait til this year !!!!!
  8. As posted, my original though was to add a CORE slide or modify my Pro to take a dot. After talking to my gun shop owner, he convinced me to buy a CORE. It should arrive in a few days. I am hard to convince. It took him at least 30 seconds for me to decide to buy another gun.
  9. I have an M&P Pro. Is it possible to put a slide from a M&P CORE on this so I can add a red dot.
  10. Sad B Shooter


    Useless factoid. ALL of the stones used in curling come from a small island off the coast of Scotland. Yes, I know, I should get a life.
  11. I like the Stoeger 50 round test, but is there a range of times for various classes so we have an idea of what times to look for.
  12. After looking at the 14 pages of comments I am reminded of a story. there was a monastery where the monks could only say one sentence a year. During a meal, one monk said " the potatoes are awful". A second monk said "the potatoes are fine". Silence A year goes by. The first monk says " I think the potatoes are awful ". The second monk replies "the potatoes are good". silence Another year goes by. The first monk repeats his original complaint. The second monk repeats his reply. A third monk stands up and says " I'm leaving. I can't stand all this bickering".
  13. I have a Pocket Pro that I bought in 1998. Outside of changing batteries every now and again, it has been 100% reliable.
  14. I will be moving back to the Phoenix area in about six weeks. I would like to know if the availability of ammo, especially 9 MM, has loosened up recently.
  15. Some of you older folk may remember the play "SOUTH PACIFIC" Since I got my CZ Custom, I have been singing a (slightly) altered song from that show. It goes like this: I'm in love, I'm in love, I'm in love, I'm in love, I'm in love with a wonderful GUN !!!!!!
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