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  1. Week #5: I’m getting a dry fire routine set up. Got Stoeger’s dry fire book, and already had Anderson’s book as well. So between those two, I hopefully should be good for the next year. I hit my goal for the year, and that was C class. Granted, it was in Production and not Revolver, so maybe doesn’t fit well into this diary entry. I have too many interests and not the time to pursue them all. Anyway, I am looking at only a few matches left this year (live in a cold climate), so as I start thinking about goals for next year (which would be my third): Year 1 - D class, Re
  2. I don’t think allowing revolvers into CO would change a thing. So revolvers can use dots in Open, but not Carry Optics - but does it really matter? I don’t think a revolver would be competitive in either division, so if you wanted to run a dot, then it would be because you wanted to with the expectation of just playing for fun. I’m not saying I wouldn’t do it - it actually sounds like a blast. But I would know that I’m going to get a beat down, regardless of division. Now I am what you would call a pretty poor yardstick. But would an upper tier Revolver shooter really get a lot of satisfaction
  3. Week #4: Got my 38 short colt load dialed in. Made it to the range once, but was mostly working with the chronograph, rather than on any particular skills. At least now that’s done, so can move on to other stuff. I know this is a boring diary right now, but it’s serving the purpose of keeping me on task. I have about a month before my last match of the year (level 2 out of state), so I could work specifically on reloads, and if I can get comfortable with them, I think I’ll run in the revolver division, rather than production. However, at my weekly match this week, and possibly anot
  4. Week #3: Not getting frustrated with revolver, rather getting frustrated by myself and lack of time to put in. I did get one day of draws in last week, but pretty minimal. I spent most of my free time reorganizing my reloading room, and I do finally have my press set up for 38 short colt. I had been waiting on a 9mm crimp die, which finally came in. So next I have to work up some loads, but luckily this should be pretty quick since I already have some good advice from the previous owner in terms of what made power factor. The argument I have floating around in my head is whether I
  5. I have a Glock that I had to do minor fitting. After watching the video, it was really easy. I didn’t have to break out the dremel or anything, just a little sandpaper to file down the edge corresponding to the inside of the trigger guard. I know it might be a little intimidating at first, but if you go slow it will be ok. In regards to one of the previous posts talking about having modification rendering the holster unsafe - this would be modifications to other parts of the holster (the area where the lock engages for instance). As long as you are sticking to the trigger guard area, and the
  6. Week #2: A little disappointing. Had one day of draws/reloads, and a couple of days monkeying around Getting my press ready for 38 short colt. Otherwise pretty quiet. Am thinking of finishing up the season with the semi, and switching focus back to revolver sometime in the fall.
  7. Week #1: Didn’t get much time in this week. Spent about 30 min/day x 5 days working on USPSA activities, but 3 of those were related to organization/reloading. Of the two days I dry fired, I was mostly working on general skills. Steve Anderson’s dry fire drills 1-14 and draw/index. Also learning to use my par timer. So not much progress, but we’ll keep at it. In the meantime, I’m trying to decide where to concentrate the rest of the summer: Revolver vs Production vs Limited. I like the revolvers the best, but still accumulating gear for reloading 38 short colt, and by the time I wo
  8. Interesting, I’ll give it a shot. Thanks for the tip.
  9. How are you closing the cylinder of your weak hand is already on the grip? Just curious, as I have found weak hand reloading works for me, and am trying to figure out possible nuances to practice. As an aside, I would have defaulted to strong hand loading off the table, even though I am running with a weak hand reload during the stage. I really should practice weak hand off a table, but just didn’t think of it before.
  10. Thanks for the follow up. I did just go to the dark side (8 shooter), so we’ll see how much of a difference it makes.
  11. So I just had an epiphany. I started using the PractiScore Competitor app (note: this is not the similarly named PractiScore app) for my phone to look up results - this app is awesome. It really lets you compare results to see what stages you are dropping points on, and whether it was due to speed or a accuracy. I love it! So why the epiphany? Really, my only complaint with the revolver division is the lack of competition locally. I started shooting my Glock in production just to have a level platform to go against some of my friends. The beauty of the PractiScore Compe
  12. Thanks for the early encouragement! In order to make this revolver specific, I thought I’d add one more post regarding how my reloading technique has progressed already. When I started, I was inspired (and in awe of) YouTube videos of Jerry doing his strong hand reload (switch revolver to weak hand with strong hand handling the moon clip). I had read that if you set the revolver on a table and just pick it up to load, then whichever hand picked up the moon clip should dictate your technique. Since at a static range I would always transfer hands off the table, I decided
  13. First off, the only point of this thread is that I thought is would be fun to chronicle my journey in USPSA revolver division. Maybe add weekly updates in terms of things learned, or skills practiced. It might not be a great read for a while, but perhaps if I can keep on task, then in a year or two it might contain some pearls of wisdom in a somewhat natural progression that another new revolver shooter can use. Background: This is my second year of USPSA, and I am a D class shooter, 33%. This basically means I’m at the bottom of the totem pole, and there is nowhere to go but up. I
  14. OK, this is epic. And jkrispies, thanks for that breakdown. Definitely puts it into perspective.
  15. With the introduction of new production rules (2018 update to Appendix D4), can we now run 8 shot minor guns in production if they have bobbed hammers and extended cylinder releases? I was under the impression that these external modifications used to be a no-go, but the rules now appear to be relaxed for after market parts.
  16. rowdyb and jkrispies, You both mentioned that matches aren’t practice, and I was just curious about this. Isn’t any trigger time a good thing? I’m just thinking from the perspective of a guy with small kids that struggles to find any time to myself whatsoever. I understand that working on a skill in practice will result in improvement much faster than not focusing on any particular aspect of the match, but matches have to count for something. I certainly have learned a lot about what NOT to do by screwing them up in local matches. Of course, I’m a relatively new D-class shooter, so
  17. Thank you, this was exactly the sort of hard data I was interested in.
  18. I agree that having fun is the most important thing for me (at least this year). I guess it was more curiosity than anything. Thanks for the responses so far. I’d be happy to look at some of the data if someone could point me in the right direction.
  19. Wow! I’m really (pleasantly) surprised that the difference appears to be so close. My main motivation is not to win a major match (where I’m sure a few percentage points actually matters), but just to improve my own skill set. Of course, the classification system is the only way to collect any objective data in that regard. If it was holding me back a full class, then I’d be looking at upgrading. As it is, I’m probably a solid C shooter this year (was upper D last year), but really want to break into the B’s. I think that would give me the extra push for winter dry fire practice, which I did a
  20. I know with the 8 shot arrays, the only way to be truly competitive in revolver division is to shoot 8 shot minor. I have been shooting 6 shot major (because that’s what I had), and was wondering how much of a disadvantage it is. Obviously on classifiers, it would depend on the set-up. I recently shot a 6 shot array classifier, and did a lot better on it than last year, so was happy with the personal improvement. And I don’t think having a lower power factor (thus less recoil) would have been a significant factor at all (for me at least). In fact, I believe that the extra points of shooting ma
  21. Thanks, see you in the revolver forum!
  22. Van actually brings up a good point that I totally missed in my earlier post - I mentioned that I used the muzzle support for my 6 inch gun, while it was unnecessary for my 4 inch gun. But that was not due to barrel length. I used two different holding blocks, and the 6 inch gun required me to grind off some material to make it fit. I didn’t do the greatest job, and that resulted in a sloppy fit. So how tightly the trigger guard is held in the holster would definitely influence whether a muzzle support would be worthwhile. I think one other benefit of a muzzle support that hasn’t b
  23. When you say bar, do you mean the accessory barrel support? I have a Race Master and have used it on my 6 inch gun, but find it unnecessary for my 4” 625. Van, you might have just inspired me to shoot a match with 44 magnum. Maybe a fun match, last one of the year.
  24. Have you used the 629 for USPSA? Seems a little aggressive (in a good way). Please tell me you have used full on magnums. I could see Russians clearing the cylinder, but I tried specials on my first match last year, and they were a little too long for me to get clean ejection. Went out right after and picked up a 625.
  25. Late to the show, but I’ll join the choir - BMT all the way for moon clips (using Plano tackle box at matches). As for the loading block mentioned earlier, I use 5 Star Firearms with their speed loaders.
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