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  1. Exactly. However, I did the math a little wrong in the above example. I had reversed the August and June scores, so after the initial classification of 75%, then the the next two scores of 50 and 50 are used (40 and 25 are lowest 2 of recent 8 scores, and June’s 75 is not used), so then 66.67% but still A class. Then only scores above 70% are used. I don’t think you get the “B” flags until you have 6 scores counted. So if you only did a special classifier, the top 4 would give you initial percent and classification, the next week it would run all 6 and give you a new lower percentage, since th
  2. This exact scenario happened to me this year in limited. Still unclassified after first 3 classifiers, then add in 6 more for special classifier match. Those last 6 were sorted with highest being most recent. Initial classification was the 4 highest from special classifier. In this example: 90, 80, 70, and 60 = 75% (A class). Then the next week it recalculates top 6 of 8 (add in 75 and 50) for initial classification % of 70.83%, but still A class. The 40 and 50 are the lowest 2 of 8, so not counted, and the June score of 25 is never used. From that point forward scores below 70% are flagged f
  3. Thanks for following up, and your reply was what I kind of figured. But you never know who might be reading these posts or what their experience level might be, so I just wanted to be crystal clear.
  4. I may be taking this out of context since it wasn’t the point of your post, but thought it would be worth mentioning.... but PLEASE do not use live rounds if you are doing any sort of gun manipulation during practice. Other options include snap caps or making some dummy rounds if you are a reloader. Without any other information, I am not trying to imply you are unsafe, but I do know that anyone can make a mistake, as we are all human. Taking live ammo out of the equation is just something that I would STRONGLY encourage.
  5. Then 929 gets the nod. Save your brass though, because you never know.
  6. When you say you own both calibers already, do you mean 357 mag revolver and 9mm semi-auto? If you don’t reload, then I feel like you would have to go with a S&W 929, since you are not going to find 38 short colt on the shelves. But even then, do the 929’s run factory 9mm out of the box? Don’t have any experience with that myself. My advice would be to take a serious look at getting into reloading first.
  7. Just go to the classifieds and look for the G22L that DK Customs has for sale. Great set-up that I believe would satisfy your requirements.
  8. LOL! Yeah, I can always learn a thing or two from this forum.
  9. OP here. I have been following this thread and have found some of the points brought up to be very interesting, so thank you for all the responses. Just to clarify, this never happened to me. The reason I was wondering is that I don’t currently own a single stack gun (sacrilege, I know!), and I was wondering what caliber I would choose to get one in: 9mm, 40 s&w, or 45 acp. So the idea of picking 40 s&w seemed to be the most flexible, as that you could declare both minor or major power factor for a match (both from the PF standpoint, and also from magazine capacity). So the
  10. Yes, I just think it’s interesting in that it is the only case I can think of, where you can make a compensatory move after failing chrono to mitigate the change to minor.
  11. Just a theoretical question that I was thinking about the other day. Let’s say you are running a 40 s&w single stack rig, and register for major PF. At chrono you don’t make it and thus are scored minor for the match. Does this mean that all the subsequent stages you shoot after the chrono can now have the mags topped off at ten rounds rather than the eight you were loading before the chrono? I don’t see why not, as you won’t be getting an advantage in the match (assuming your ammo is way over minor PF, and all prior stages you were in essence running minor PF with eight round mags). Just
  12. Thanks for the technical insight. I think I’ll stick with the .358 sized bullets. If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.
  13. After a month of cancelled matches due to inclement weather and holiday, I finally had a chance to break out the revolver for a club match this year. Overall it went pretty well, although I did end up zeroing the classifier. Put two into hard cover and another into a no-shoot. They weren’t that far off the mark, but I probably got a little too jumpy and didn’t wait for a clean sight picture. The longer courses went a lot better, one of which I really felt I did a solid job on (beat 50% of the field). I was probably at my best, so I cannot extrapolate it out to my overall level right now, but i
  14. So just for my own clarification - I understand that you can get an aftermarket trigger and still be production legal, so it really doesn’t matter what you do for a trigger. However, all the aftermarket ones I am aware of (which implies that there will be a bunch I’m not familiar with) have a trigger safety. Assuming you can adjust the pretravel of these to shorten the trigger pull, won’t you reach a point where shortening it any more will result in the safety lever failing to engage on the frame? In that case, all triggers on glocks will reach the same point at which point they can’t be reduc
  15. Although there are a few Glock triggers that can adjust the pretravel, I think you will be limited by the point at which the trigger safety become unusable. The trigger would still be useable, but per the rules “removing any safety mechanism in Production division is strictly prohibited.”
  16. Thanks so much for that explanation! I’m not going to worry about it as much anymore.
  17. Thanks everyone for the advice. The reason I was thinking of switching was to reduce the bulged brass I get when seating the larger diameter bullets. I haven’t had a ton of trouble reloading, but do notice that my snap caps fall into the cylinder much better than my loaded rounds do. I didn’t know if the bullet diameter was a possible factor for this or not.
  18. Thanks. Didn’t know if slugging them with soft lead would be better, but used calipers since that is what I had on hand.
  19. So I need a little help trying to figure out the optimal size bullets for my 627. I have used Bayou in the past, 160 gr RN. I was going to try Ibejiheads, and the same profile has three different sizes: .356, .357, .358. I measured the Bayous I had and they came out at about .3575. Then I used my calipers to check the cylinder throats, and got .3565. So I think I should use .357 sized bullets - I figure anything larger than the throats will get sized down anyway, but I don’t want to go lower than that, correct?
  20. This week’s match was cancelled due to weather, and I’m probably going to have to miss next week as well. So it will be a couple weeks before I see where I’m at. Swordfish, I didn’t mean to ignore your last post, it just happened to come after I took a break from updating this thread. I am in Minnesota, where we are limited to outdoor shooting from April to September. Indoor stuff does happen, but is much more limited, and essentially nonexistent for me. Been working on reloads this week a little bit, and I think I’ll stick with the weak hand technique. For reloading be
  21. Wow, I just watched the video of you shooting steel to 150 yards. That was impressive!
  22. Resurrecting the thread from the dead, but since it’s my diary, I figure that’s ok. So I switched to Limited last fall and been having a lot of fun going fast. However, I haven’t given up on the Revo yet. Unfortunately, my dry fire routine this winter never panned out, so I haven’t exactly been making major strides. I’m a solid middle of the road (50%) C limited shooter, both on paper and at matches. It’s almost embarrassing reading my prior threads, thinking I could make so much progress in so little time... but live and learn I guess. So this is where I’m at: I have learned a lit
  23. It’s no knock against anyone who is not going. We all have busy lives and it is understandable that fielding a full roster is difficult given the smaller denominator compared to other divisions. Just unfortunate, that’s all. This is especially true for a relative newcomer to the sport who missed the glory days of revo participation. Then again, innovation has given us new opportunities.
  24. I am the third signed up, and will switch too if there aren’t enough. I’m actually planning on shooting limited this year, but was willing to take one for the team and run the revo at area 3 to get it recognized for someone else.
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