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  1. I myself and my wife both did not like the gen 3 and gen 4 glocks. Now with the gen 5 my wife Had to have the G19. She chose it over my PPQ due to the grip and ease of loading. I had to do a little trigger work to make her happy but thats the easy part.
  2. I also shoot a Walther PPQ, Stock no modification. And tend to shoot it just as well. I like the CZ more so that is what i shoot more. I dont think there is such thing as WONDER GUNS for a division. Plastic guns can and do win the division regularly with no mods.
  3. As someone from a limited Cap state, having Production be 10 rounds definately makes it much more popular. That said we have pleanty of people shooting limited10, pcc, open, Carry optics, all with 10 round mags. Does it suck to shoot them and hope to be nationally competitive? maybe. Are they fun to shoot Yes. I dislike the current ruling for production, I feel that it does go against the feel of production. That being said, I shoot a Shadow 2 with a reduced reach trigger in it because I am allowed to and it makes it so i can comfortablely reach the Double Action on it. I have very short fingers for my big palms and it would not be feasible without it. I feel that they need to try and keep Production as Pure as possible while making it so people can shoot it and get into the sport. I will leave off with I do not think that the part will truely give someone an advantage and make them shoot that much better. Skills are Needed in the Sport to do well.
  4. I know it isnt that far but I regularly shoot at 50 yard targets for Bullseye matches. Doing that with different pistols helps to show you how to control the gun better in my book. Once you can hit the Azone regularly and consistantly with your guns then move on to other mechanics of the sport.
  5. That was definitely wrong on the RO. That is not grounds for a DQ. I have seen some of the best shooters Ive met do that to control their classification. Is it "Gaming" yes, This is a Game. Some RO just like to "Flex". I would be more worried about what else the RO is DQing peoplefor and not what that shooter did.
  6. dawson, trijicon... it all depends on the style of sights you want. I like fiber front sights unless i plan on carrying. My wife perfers the trijicon hd to the fibers because she likes the fatter front post. it is all dependant on your shooting style.
  7. 3.2gr Sport Pistol, SNS 147gr RNFP, 1.130 oal - 134 PF 3.4gr W231, SNS 147gr RNFP, 1.130 oal - 132PF Both group free hand 1.5 inch at 20 yards
  8. I did not bench test it but I am able to keep a 1.5" group at 20 yards freestyle with this load. I shot a USPSA match this weekend with it and had no issues. I will look the gun over tonight to see how dirty it is in 300 rounds compared to my older w231 load
  9. Just tested a load yesterday. 3.2gr Sport Pistol under a 147g sns RNFP. Shot out of my shadow 2 averaged 905FPS. Out of my Sig X-Carry it was 870. still made PF chrono_2019_05_14_19_46_43.csv
  10. I installed the Sprinco spring system in my 5inch. I truely couldnt tell you if it is any better then the factory spring but I do feel better knowing there is metal not just plastic
  11. So far I have liked W231 for my power in 9mm. Loading both 124gr polycoated SWC and 147gr Polycoated FP. I use Hornady Die set in the Dillon 550 and dont use the dillon funnel to bell the cases, Hornady die in 3rd position is expander and 4th position is Seat and Crimp in 1. So far so good. If you have recomendations for loads for 9mm with W231 let me know.
  12. I have been loading with w231 and will be chronographing next week hopefully. polycoated 124gr SWC , 1.050 oal, 3.4 gr W231. also loaded polycoated 147gr FP, 1.130 oal, 3.2gr W231. hoping to see which groups better and meets minor PF for USPSA/Steel. Both are loaded on mixed headstamp Blazer and Winchester brass CCI small pistol Primers hornady Die set(seperate expander die, Decap/resize, Seat/Crimp combo) Soon as i get speeds ill let you know
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