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  1. I Would Stay far away from that personally. It truely is not designed for the type of use. By that I mean even with the thickening agent they added to it, It is Very thin. Its design is creep into tight areas and high solvent levels. I would use just about Any medium density oil to lubricate the firearm. (mobil1, lucas, 2a gunoil, ect.) Using a penetrating oil would have a better benefit in cleaning. Again This is my opinion.
  2. I have a different issue then the OP, My extended FP and cajun reduced FPS seem to kiss the primer when the slide closes. Making a very tiny dimple in the primer. I have tried 3 different cajun springs, I ordered a CZC reduced FPS to try next. I have never had a slam fire/hammer follow event but I have been changing the firing pin and firing pin spring every 5-10 thousand rounds as a precaution. I does not stick out the front when at rest and does protrude from the rear of the firing pin stop plate. If this deserves its own post I will.
  3. the short answer is No.
  4. This Season I want to Make A class (mid B now) and be close to master. I want to Win a Local match, I am usually in top 16 overall, top 5 in my division. Shooting my first 2 major matches this Season,. so I want to Place well and have a Focused Match. Enjoy Production and prepare myself to shoot limited next season
  5. this video series Will definate help a lot of people. I definately learned something
  6. This is the truth. I don't struggle with trying to match the other shooter so much these days as I struggle with ROs who ask you how you plan on running the stage or if you are gong to run x stage plan when you are making ready. That is what tends to get in my head and I usually end up mixing up the stage plans. I am working on excluding everything around me for at least 2 shooters before I go. It is all Mental management and learning to control what is in your Head.
  7. For myself I found having someone record me with my phone during the match has really helped me to See when I do things that I didnt even know I was doing/not doing. I think I am staying low, but low and behold I am standing almost vertical in the video. Pausing and not moving while in my head I was moving. ect.. I would say have someone record you with a Phone and review it as much as you can. Dont go spending money on hat cams, eyeglass cams ect. they are not that helpful until you have everything else down. Even then they are more for "the Gram" then anything
  8. It very quickly becomes something you do without thinking about it. When I have been distracted by an RO during make ready(Yes I know this shouldn't be the case) I have gone to re holster without putting the hammer down. Most of the time I have realized it and corrected it without even needing to be reminded. It has happened where I needed to be reminded and The RO caught it. I tried to run my CZ in limited once just for the sake of it and it felt unnatural to start it safety on, meanwhile I will not even think about it with a 1911. The brain is an amazing thing
  9. I found for me Its more in the sharpness of the transition. if i try to go smooth and slower I over transition more, If I snap to the A-zone as hard as I can I tend to stop and get better hits. Also realizing that a 5yard transition on a 5yard target is NOT like a 5yard transition on a 15yard target made a difference. I know that last part sounds silly but The longer targets is where I noticed myself milking the transition instead of being Aggressive and ending up with Alpha charlie or Alpha Delta. More often now I end up shooting too early and getting the opposite Charlie Alpha.
  10. I'll toss in some sci-fi book series that I have really enjoyed. The Inheritance series by Christopher paolini Monster Hunter international by Larry Correia A song of fire and ice by RR Martin The legend of Drizzt by r.a. Salvador And books by Timothy Zahn( Star wars nerd here) My next post here will be nonfiction titles
  11. .356 sized 147g flat point, 1.130 oal, 131-33PF gun dependant, 3.3gr Alliant Sport Pistol
  12. For the thumb rest I would recommend trying to put a piece of grip tape on it. But that is not where your hand is actually slipping. Your support hand is most likely loosening up on the longer strings and you are seeing it in the thumb placement. I noticed this happening myself recently and the only thing that helped me was mentally reminding myself to continually crush with the left hand while running the stage. This might take away from your concentration on something else during the stage but after a match or 2 just focusing on this, It should alleviate itself for the most part. After your make ready and right before you shoot the stage, try saying to yourself I will crush my support hand grip and use my sights. Then at that point let it all "go" and just shoot the stage. I have started to see inprovements in my shooting by doing this recently.
  13. We all seem to want to loose a few pounds for the new year. Over the course of last year I put on 22lbs. My goal is to Drop that by summer of this year. My lifting schedule needs to be more consistant and I want to add in some HIIT or cardio training on a regular basis. Uspsa goals are simple, Get back to a regular dry fire routine of 3-5 days. Get my ass out of B-class, and finally start some live fire training( not just going to the range 1x month and shooting) other then Matches. I plan on shooting 3-4 area/sectionals this year and really want to be prepared for it. I also want to pick up a backup shadow2 so I dont have to worry as much. Keep at it everyone and Lets make it our best year yet
  14. I compete with the shadow 2. I carry P365 at 4 Oclock most times with the occasional Appendix
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