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  1. Thats the best thing to be doing but for A lot of shooters they cannot help themselves to ignore the shooters before them. Yes their mental game is weaker then yours, It just means they need someone to explain it politely and hopefully with time they will adjust their preparation and be able to ignore whats around them. I personally try to completely black out 2 shooters before and just run my plan in my head visualizing each position of the stage. I have noticed that even for myself If a new or lower class shooter is before me and has a really choppy cadence or bunch of misses and makeups it is harder to ignore then when a good shooter is right before myself. That said I just reset the stage in my head and "run" it again. Visualization is Key to a smooth run, It takes Practice
  2. I try to keep to a Push Pull split 2-3 times a week and get some walking in whenever I can. I do find doing some EMOM(every minute on the minute) work when I pressed for a workout Is worth its sweat in time. Key thing I found Is Doing something
  3. Glad to see your back, Sorry for your losses. Thats the definition of some hard times. Chin up .
  4. I started lifting 2 years ago with a 5x5. I now do more of a push pull split. I alternate between 3x5 and 4x8 rep ranges depending on the season. I no longer lift to "get Big" but just to feel like I am keeping in shape. The last month has been rough for me as I have only been lifting 1x a week and subbing in some cardio as my time is soo busy lately. My goal is to get back to my 3x a week and keep some cardio in there . One thing I recommend that I always forget is Mobility work. It MAKES a huge difference.
  5. When you do your walk through count targets not # of shots. Then when you are waiting to shoot, close your eyes and run through the course of fire with the #ed targets in your head. It takes time and practice. I find keeping your eyes closed and turning off ear pro so you are not listening to someone elses cadence/ shooting helps. then when you get on the line to shoot. just think about using your sights.
  6. I personally like the Springer Precision base pads. I use them on my shadow 2 and my q5 match. I think base pads are a personal preference.
  7. I found that for me I concentrate on taking the off hand and Pointing the thumb At the target as part of the grip helps lock it out. for the Main hand(strong hand) I recommend gripping it comfortably tight (a firm hand shake ). The gun Is Supposed to Move. You are just trying to return it back to where it came. I am just starting to get this down myself, I tend to over grip with the main hand. One of these days ill check out the PTSG website, but for now Books and dryfire are your and my Friend.
  8. I have both, I switched my rear sight on my shadow 2 to something with a 2 dot fiber in rear. I used it that way for a year. now i just switched back to a plain black rear sight. After a while i started to feel like it was drawing my attention too much. I think it all depends on your shooting style. If you use a "combat" sight picture and line up the dots on that target it is a must. I found that with a traditional sight picture on further shots, it complicated the sight picture for me. I still run a 3 dot fiber on my walther q5. It all depends on your Style, and What you can see.
  9. If you email them right before you place the order and request sizing they can usually accommodate within reason. I will probably calling them this coming week to try and get the bullets sized to .357. No guarantee yet.
  10. Yondering, your posts are great. Visual evidence and descriptions of what your seeing is awsome. I have a shadow 2 and I am still Playing with bullet diameter 10000 rounds in. I just switched to .356 frome blue bullets but might have to try .357 from them. I am very impressed with your Information.
  11. they came out Awsome. very impressive looking.
  12. Ill Jump in currently Sitting in B class at 64.25 %
  13. I have found recently that if I Concentrate on my grip I tend to Overgrip the gun and move the shots around more. Before I shoot I remind myself firm grip, use my sights, and move my ass. This has seemed to help me. I did have 1 stage this weekend where i missed my grip slightly and caused me to drop a mag on the first target array and cost me the match win(lost 8-10 seconds between watching it fall, reload, rack and back to plan). Having a Consistant grip I think is much more important then Crushing the grip to Death. I know some people tend to have weaker grip and that needs to be worked on. Remind yourself before you shoot to grip and aim. Then just rely on Process.
  14. I myself and my wife both did not like the gen 3 and gen 4 glocks. Now with the gen 5 my wife Had to have the G19. She chose it over my PPQ due to the grip and ease of loading. I had to do a little trigger work to make her happy but thats the easy part.
  15. I also shoot a Walther PPQ, Stock no modification. And tend to shoot it just as well. I like the CZ more so that is what i shoot more. I dont think there is such thing as WONDER GUNS for a division. Plastic guns can and do win the division regularly with no mods.
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