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  1. At my shop/range the latest 2 Legions they received are non-LCI
  2. hiflyer51

    Mixing SEAR springs

    I have the GG competition kit in both of my Legions. When I subbed the Keres pro adj trigger I did not notice any increase in trigger pull. I like the reduced overtravel and pretravel. Both guns were under 3# with the GG kit. I have not checked with the Keres trigger installed . If the Keres trigger increased the trigger pull, it is not by much. I will get it measured sometime.
  3. Got back my 2nd non LCI barrel today and it is black and finished the same as the LCI barrel that came with the guns.
  4. I had the regular springer extended mag release prior to the springer paddle extended mag release. The paddle mag release is not longer, it just extends to the rear of the gun making it easier for me to release the mag without hardly breaking my grip.
  5. I have 2 of the springer extended paddles. Dry fire and /or shoot everyday for a month now with no problems.
  6. Got 1 back Monday and it had a black coated finish. Sent the other in today
  7. hiflyer51

    shooting instructor

    +1, especially on PSTG the training group.
  8. I have been using the GG Comp trig kit in both my legions (approx 8-9k rnds). I settled on using the factory trigger bar spring it gives a little crisper feel over the GG reduced power trigger bar spring. Trigger pull in the 2.5 - 2.75# range. I put a Keres adjustable trigger in one gun last week (1200+ rnds). With it I can reduce the reset/overtravel to the minimum still allowing the gun to reset and reduce pretravel to a minimum. It did not noticeably change the trigger pull weight. It is compatible with the GG kit. i am happy with the Keres / GG kit combo and I am ordering another Keres trigger to put in my match gun.
  9. The springer precision paddle style mag release is awesome .
  10. hiflyer51

    DPP Screws

    +1 , they have sent them out to me for free several times.
  11. There is a lot of good material in the book, I thought it was worth the price.
  12. Better to call them up, they will give u an RMA so it doesn't cost you shipping. I sent one in that they received on Sep 24 , they shipped back to me on Sep 26. I have had excellent service from them.
  13. I installed the Grey Guns competition trigger kit yesterday and shot it today. It has a little less over travel and is lighter 3# vs 4#. I shot a lot of doubles drills and some Bill drills. Shooting the Legion stock I thought the trigger was OK, however I think the GG trigger is considerably better. I think the GG competition trigger is on par or slightly better than the Johnny Glock competition triggers that I been using on my G17s. Installing the GG kit was fairly straightforward using @Alma Coles videos with one exception. I was unable to reassemble the trigger bar and GG trigger with his method ( it works fine for the Legion stock trigger ), I had to use Apex’s trigger bar installation method. I suppose this is because of the different trigger geometry. I am using the flat face trigger. l
  14. @rowdyb thanks I am getting the kit in today. We’re there any other changes to the trigger besides the reduced weight i.e. over travel, pre travel, feel of reset, etc.?
  15. Have you had a chance to compare the Legion trigger to the Legion with a Grey Guns competition trigger kit or other Grey Gun parts?
  16. Does anyone here know what Sig did mechanically to reduce the pull of the X5 Legion trigger? I have ordered the Gray Guns competition kit, so I guess I will know soon if it is an improvement over the X5 Legion trigger.
  17. Thanks this is the first time I heard of Keres Dynamics I will check it out
  18. Thanks for the quick reply! I just got my X5 Legion yesterday and just shot it this am. This is the 1st Sig320 that I have shot. I liked the way the gun felt, but I definitely would prefer shorter overtravel. Less trigger pull weight would be nice too. I have been shooting a Glock 17 with a Johnny Glock competition trigger in CO USPSA the last 2 years.
  19. Just wondering how much , if any , improvement would the Grey Gun trigger upgrade be vs. the trigger that comes with the X5 Legion?
  20. I sent a DDP back for repair recently. They received it on Jul 2, and sent it back Jul 3!! I received it Jul 10. They replaced the circuit board. I just spoke to their tech support. He said they have a fix on the circuit board / loose battery contact problem and that all repairs done as of a few weeks ago will have the updated circuit board.
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