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  1. Bmeehan19

    post your 1911/2011 pictures

    Thanks man! Thing shoots like a dream!!
  2. Bmeehan19

    post your 1911/2011 pictures

    Sps Pantera
  3. Bmeehan19

    Hello from Connecicut

    Welcome fellow CT’er!
  4. Oops. See above post.
  5. Bmeehan19

    Case crimping too tight?

    Assemble a round and pull the bullet after you seat and crimp. If there is a ring around the projectile its to much. If there isnt one run it through again with a little more crimp until you get the ring then back a bit at a time off until no ring exists, must use a new projectile. That is your crimp setting. A good place to start is to measure your projectile and the casings wall at the mouth. Double the case wall measurement and add it to the bullet diameter you are loading. That should be your final crimp OD measurement. The final test after you have figured out your crimp is to push the finished round, projectile down, against the bench pretty hard. Measure OAL again to see if it has any set back. If none than you should be good to go.
  6. Bmeehan19

    2011 heavy magwell

    No. Just had them polish it instead of coating it.
  7. It took about an hour of slow going to be sure I didnt take to much. I used a cutoff wheel with the dremel and just followed the line around the molded magwell where it transitions from the bevel to vertical. Then I used a sanding drum on the dremel to get it to the correct depth from the retaining pin the cutoff wheel was just used to get the bulk of the material off.
  8. Here it is after the grip reduction, double undercut and fine point stipple.
  9. Bmeehan19

    Stippling textures

    Thank you for all that responded. I appreciate all the suggestions and it seems the finer type of texture is grippier. I decided to double undercut and fine point stipple today. I feel it came out well.
  10. Bmeehan19

    Thinking about a 2011/1911 from a Glock

    So I started a new topic of profiling the stock sps grip to accept an sti magwell. Soecifically the limcat. @Jfitz427
  11. And finally it is installed. I think it came out great. Not sure if the grip is the same overall length as an STI so I included a measurement from the middle of the top screw to the top of the magwell. Now onto profiling, undercutting and stippling.
  12. I should have done all the fitting without th mainspring housing in place. You will see I though it was going to sit in the rear notch of the magwell. I was wrong. So the notch you see is unnecessary.
  13. Then I profiled the front to go inside the magwell to hold it in place. Also the notch in the mainspring housing was unnecessary. It all fits inside the magwell.
  14. Next I ground down the left and right sides to make them paralell to the grip and just enough to fit into the magwell. Go slow and test fit the magwell as you go. It wont go right on as you still have to nodify the front to fit inside the contour of the new magwell.
  15. Second I cut off the bottom of the magwell at the cast line where the taper of the magwell turns straight down.