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  1. From what I understand, Ammo Mike designed it and Karl has permission to sell it. I think Karl made some minor changes, but not positive. Also the one I saw from Karl didn’t use the MBF motor. But that could have been by request.
  2. I have a 3D printer. Give me a little time and I’ll see what I can come up with. This is a great idea.
  3. I just setup a new to my RL 1050 and through my searching I found something that said 4-6 thousandths for primer depth. Can you measure the factory round and then measure yours? Its a super easy adjustment to make.
  4. From what I understand, which is little, The MBF bullet feed die uses the weight of the bullets in the column to sort of seat the bullet in the case. The Hornady one is just the weight of the one single bullet. Ive used both and no matter what I tried the Hornady one was inconsistent. I tried making the collet bigger, smaller, more force, less for, nothing worked 100%. The MBF die is perfect.
  5. The left is the hornady. The right is the MBF
  6. I use the Hornady New Dimension Dies. The sizing deprimer works good, it sizes down well but the decapping pin can sometimes be off center so when you set it up be sure that its in the middle. Ive never had it scrape brass. It actually makes it shinier once its sized. DAA bullet feed die is the best Ive found if you are using a bulllet feeder. I was using the Hornady PTX and hd to polish it to a mirror to eliminate 80% of the sticking. I have to apply one shot to the PTX every 2-3 hundred rounds to keep it smooth. I just spray some on a q-tip and apply it that way and let it dry. I just ordere the DAA PTX so we will see how that goes. The seat and crimp die works good too. Just have to follow the setup directions. I measure my completed rounds of the ogive as bullet lengths vary quite a bit to get a more accurate COL measurement so a micrometer seating isnt necessary for me.
  7. Thank you. Ill give that a try.
  8. All shot out of a Canik TP9SFX. Worth noting the .356 were far more accurate than the .355. The gun seemed pretty dirty after 350 rds. Also really noticeable smoke. The brass had a good smoke streak down the side on about 1/4 of the exterior sidewall.
  9. SPS Pantera is under 2k. Maybe like $1800 with one mag. Mine runs great.
  10. Anyone have a code for optics planet? Hoping for a 20% but anything will help. Thanks in advance Bryan
  11. Did you have to file the block at all? With my Pantera the engaging portion fits the guard perfectly. But the top of the block ( the beveled tips) hit the grip and the radius on the outside top of the trigger guard hits the bottom of the slot in the block. It wont go all the way in and the safety cant engage.
  12. Ive never looked at MBF until now, yeah its very close. I dont know much about copyright laws, but Im guessing if its not for sale maybe its technically not infringenent? Actually its only a 3d drawing of it. You have to make it yourself.
  13. Heres a vid of it processing some 180 gn FP 40 S&W
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