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  1. If you are using low power loads get a new low power spring form MOA. I did and they are great.
  2. Send the trigger group to MOA, it's not the bolt or pin. Your interupter is shot.
  3. Found the problem. Winchester Wal-Mart loads were the problem. It seems Winchester does not hold their quality checks like they used to with these Wal-Mart only shells. I gathered up the shells that failed plus several more. The primer depth was all over the place. From flush to 15 thousand low. I now purchase only the Federal ones. No problems.
  4. Better late than never. I just had to put my thoughts in. This topic has been coming up in other forums usually in reference to M3000 or M3K. There does exist a very dangerous situation where some owners think that "polishing" every surface will help, this includes the locking lug area. Never ever do this!! You could end up munching on the bolt.
  5. I worked for several years as an under paid helper. Roy would have fired me if I even thought about "polishing"a firearm action with any power tool. Use only high quality ceramic stones in fier and finer grits. Use only very fine crocus cloth. The idea is not to polish to a mirror finish. 1200 to 1500 grit will be all you need. Using polishing wheels will do more damave than good.
  6. I also have started to have an occasional FTF with my M3000 and this only developed after about 2000 rounds. The shell shows very light hit on the primer. Cleaned it completely, including pulling the firing pin. Still does it about once, twice per 100 shots. Any ideas??
  7. I took my bolt and trigger out and found the part that captures the bolt was not true on the top that slides on the bolt as it recoils back. I stoned this flat and polished it w/2500 paper as well as the area of the bolt that is in contact, lubed and shot 200 rounds 1/2 Wally Winchesters and 1/2 Wally Feds, O problems.
  8. Hello : I'm know CA is kind of to the far left of any Blue state. We were ready to move OOS untill first grandbaby. Now wife won't leave. However there are 6 clay courses and 5 trap clubs within 1.25 hours away. This keeps me entertained. Have only shot OUs for last 25 years. Now proud owner of a M3000 Sport. Only mod has been a MOA trigger job, perfect feels like my Browning Trap + Combo!!
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