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  1. Good day all, Looking for some clarification on magazine springs. I'm running a CZ S2 with the Springer ESP Magwell with CZ factory 18 rd mags with the Springer standard basepads and just recently replaced all the mag springs with Wolff +10% 11 coil springs. I'm thinking of upgrading to the Springer 140mm ext. basepads. I have 2 questions: 1. Will the current +10% springs work with the extended basepads? 2. I also have the factory fresh, never used, 17 round S2 mags. If I upgrade those to the 140mm ext. basepads will the factory springs work as well?
  2. God bless you brother! Just had very similar at the beginning of August and still having issues. I don't know your general age or conditioning but I'd caution you about the pounding that your lower back will take from the movements in a match. Are you in physical therapy? If you are I would take their suggestions over the docs to be honest. My doc gave me a series of exercises 2 weeks out that were outright painful. The following week when I started PT, my therapist was shocked they had me doing the exercises given. Walking is great, which reminds me, its time for to hit the treadmill.
  3. Apparently my Google game is week or maybe I'm just a little surprised that I'm not finding what I'm looking for....but I'm trying to find a legitimate duty holster in basketweave or plain black for a CZ SP-01, light bearing or non light bearing at this point. Safariland shows several for a P-01 but nothing for a SP-01. Any help?
  4. Don't know your age, but guessing you're somewhere in the middle age range or so. Go get you testosterone checked along with your thyroid. Men our age are suffering from a low T issue which makes the fat stay and makes you lethargic, tired, and just not want to do anything after awhile. It's worth looking into. Good luck on your journey!
  5. I've got targets spread all throughout the room. I like the idea of having them on the ceiling though. Thanks!
  6. So I've run into somewhat of a set back in my shooting and looking for some advice on a dry fire program that revolves around a recliner. It seems while coaching my daughters bball team I caused some damage to my calf and a neighboring ligament, so I'm kind of bound to a recliner for a bit. I have a pretty decent dry fire program and live fire program I follow when I'm well and when life permits. I'm wondering if anyone here has been chair bound for an extended period of time and what drills they found were doable or worked for them. I'm getting plenty of trigger work in freestyle, and bot
  7. I do a kettlebell routine several times a week that includes jump rope in it. Since getting started in USPSA several months back I have started to make the jump rope more aggressive and speed based to get quicker feet. I have also incorporated using a speed ladder in my workouts now with various foot work skills. I can tell my footwork speed has increased over the months.
  8. Been in that boat for some time. I used to be big into precision rifle shooting and had unlimited range use of some private land that ran out to 1200 yards...hell, I was shooting close to 2000-2500 rounds of 308 a year and shooting in matches every so often that were within a reasonable travel distance. Then the kids got into organized sports, more specifically, club/travel soccer. After about 2 years of that my shooting dwindled to about 500 rounds of 308 a year, no matches, no hunting, all soccer. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids and love watching them play. That was about 10 years ag
  9. Appreciate the replies gentleman. I ordered the DAA Racers, just waiting on them to get here.
  10. I've been reading and searching the forum for ideas on a single stack set up. I've been running matches with my duty gear using a safariland bullets out pouch but want to get a dedicated comp set up. I like the cost and features of the Ghost 360 mag pouches. My question, as simple as it is, are they made for single stack or can they be converted to single stack? Thanks! B.
  11. Greetings all. New to the USPSA/IDPA world but not new to firearms and shooting. 20 year police officer, firearm instructor, and have spent the majority of the last 10 years concentrating of long guns, specifically precision rifles. But my flavor has changed and I've got the bug for this sport now. Shot a few matches with my duty gear and have found that for USPSA work it may not be the best choice but in my limited experience the gear works just fine for IDPA. Now I'm on scouring this site for ideas for a dedicated USPSA rig. Great site with plenty of info!
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