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  1. I would like to apply this to the front strap and back strap of my SP01. Would I need to sand the finish first or will the epoxy stick to the finish after cleaning with alcohol alone?
  2. Ive used CGW parts for everything. Is there a difference with the CZC part?
  3. That's what I was thinking. Everything I read about it was related to DA/SA guns. What got my curiosity was that people said it reduced their SA reset. Wasn't sure if it could be used in a SAO format.
  4. Thought I would try asking this question here because I'm not getting any traction in another post. I have an SP 01 that has been converted to SAO. I removed the stock disconnect and removed the fpb. The trigger has slight take up and I was wondering if I can fit a CGW T3 disconnect to remove the movement.
  5. I have my SP 01 set up for SAO. I've done the following; CGW SAO trigger CGW production legal hammer w/adjustable sear CGW sear spacer Removed FPB Removed stock disconnector CGW reduced power trigger return spring CGW reduced power firing pin spring 13lb mainspring (might put stock back in now that its SAO. Trigger is pretty darn good as it is right now, but I was curious if I could fit a CGW T3 disconnector and really remove any pretravel. Most of what I've read was people using the T3 in their DA/SA guns. Has anyone tried one of these with a SAO set up?
  6. I will pretty much be using the shot timer for dry fire only. I don't have any ranges near me where I could live fire with. I pretty much wrote off finding a timer that can detect the sound of dry fire. I would be using it to set par times. I just need to tell myself to slow down. If I take my time reasonably I get good results. I just want to impress all of those sponsored guys ?.
  7. So I've been shooting in USPSA style fun shoots and have seen good progress in how I finish. I shot a all stage qualifier a month and made class C. I thought this was accurate. Yesterday I went to my first club match and it was a rude wake up call. I was 76/110 overall (my last fun match was 23/105. Everyone is scored major PF at the fun matches regardless of class or caliber. So my charlie and occasional deltas didn't hurt me as much, and moving/shooting fast felt like I was doing the right thing. On the last stage of the day (of the club match) I took my time with my shots and my alphas went up but by then it was too late. I think my problem is that I'm trying to go fast like the big boys in the jerseys. My goal now is to get a shot timer and work on getting a good draw and working on slowing down my shots. My reloads and movement are decent. Anymore advice for someone just starting out and trying to shoot beyond their abilities? Lastly shot timers. I've been looking at the CED7000 for dry fire and par times. Is this a good choice or is there a better option? Looking forward to some hard work to work my way up to become a better shooter.
  8. Thanks Richard! I actually shoot at Oakdale for the fun matches. I will be there this Sunday with my CZ. Once I get my gear set up for my revolver I plan to test it out at Oakdale. I'll try and look for you. I will be the big guy with a beard and ECV hat.
  9. Thanks for all of the advice. I think I will slowly get set up for revolver so by next year I can start to compete. Does anyone have a good source for 38 long colt data? I've checked my lymans and hornady manuals and have not found anything.
  10. I've recently joined USPSA this year with intentions of shooting my CZ in production. Its been fun so far but I really prefer shooting my revolvers. I have a 627 pro series that I would like to compete with. Can any of you more experienced members help me get on the right track? I've read internet forums but it's looking like competing with my revolver is out of my budget (in regards to holster, moon clip holder, moon clips, and modifications to pistol). Maybe I'm over thinking things. Some of the things I need advice on are; Ammo (I currently reload my own .38/.357 ammo) Holster Moon clip holder Modifications to revolver ( currently stock except for Hi-Viz front sight) Shooting USPSA or try and an find ICORE clubs I would like to stick to Minor PF to be able to use all 8 cylinders. All in all I have no clue where to start or what I need. Any advice is greatly appreciated. I live in Tracy, CA BTW if there is anyone local that can help me out. Thanks.
  11. I do have the parts. I always keep anything I replace in case something breaks. I was more or less making a joke about justifying new parts instead of purchasing a new gun.
  12. I have a CGW production legal hammer installed. I've also removed the FPB so that would need to be put back in.
  13. I wish I got into competition shooting before I went SAO. I could always tell the wife that the parts to make a sweet production gun are cheaper than buying a new gun with all of the mags and holster.
  14. I appreciate the advice. I think I will run what I have for my first year. After that I might have more of an idea of what division I want to shoot and get the proper pistol.
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