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  1. The 5.11 holster I'm running built by blade tech is pretty nice.
  2. Yoakam


    Agreed. Sig shouldn't have their customers be their QC guini pigs. I just think Glocks "answer" is a knee jerk reaction to get something to market. I anticipate next year will bring their true answer...but not until they cash in on these. Just like releasing the 42 when everybody wanted the 43.
  3. Yoakam

    Glock 48

    I think Glock missed the mark. A single stack 19 is cool...but neither of these are a real threat to the 365 IMHO.
  4. I used to have a tarp that was made for raking leaves into. It has a draw string that would let you cinch it up like a garbage bag. Something like that might work for what you're wanting to do. Not the one I had... But might work.
  5. That mesh would be way too large. My son has a very similar net for baseball practice. Probably made by the same manufacturer. Most brass would fall through it.
  6. Thanks for the additional info. I'll check it out once it's in hand for that feature. Might have to get another when the new one is released.
  7. Yeah...makes sense. I'll have to get over my complex. Next dry day I will back out to 20 yards and see what it looks like. I'm going to take some paper targets and get some pics as well. All this past weekend I had to wear rubber boots just to walk around my range. Policing brass in muddy water isn't very enjoyable.
  8. Yoakam


    Sig has set the standard...however Glock has the tendency to give you what they want you to have...not so much what you want to have. I see another G42 G43 thing in the making. Everyone wants a single stack 9mm and they make a SS 380. Ingenious...because they knew everybody would jump on it and jump again when the G43 was released.
  9. Thanks. I'll just order a factory one then. I found one in my G20 that was the same as my G34. It is much tighter than the one that came in my 34. I need to get a replacement for my G20 now.
  10. Good to know. I hadn't heard of that one. Look forward to seeing them put to use and see how well they hold up. Competition is good for the consumer. The more manufactures that build them the better quality/features we can expect to see in the future. I did think this might be a good business venture...but I guess someone else thought so too.
  11. That's good to know that they will sell you parts. Most electronic manufacturers want to repair it themselves or tell you to buy a new one.
  12. I downloaded 3 seasons from Prime to take on a work trip with me a few weeks ago. It's been long enough since I watched it that it's about like all new again. My favorite series yet.
  13. This show is good. I binged the entire thing. Took me a while to get over him being in The Office.
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