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  1. If you don't see a load for the bullet you're using send them an email. Although it's been a few years since I've contacted them they are very good about getting back to you with load info.
  2. I ran about 40 of them across the chrono a week ago. I was using mixed range pick up brass, 147 grn Acme FP, 2.9 grns of SP loaded to 1.085 (more or less) at 885-910fps. I was shooting them out of a G22C with a Lone Wolf 5" 9mm conversion barrel. I think TG is a buck so cheaper than SP but I haven't done a cost per round comparison for equivalent power factor loads.
  3. I only shot about 1K of Titegroup behind coated bullets before I switched to SportPistol. I switched because of the positive reports I read on this forum. One of the major factors is Alliant's claim that SP doesn't melt the coating on bullets. I haven't tested TG to see if it actually does. I agree w/NWfront. I think it runs cooler and lower pressure. I think it shoots softer than TG for the same power factor. I just bought 4# from Graf's as they had it at 10% off.
  4. Salsantini- It may be worthwhile to check out the thread on this forum on Alliant Sport Pistol powder if you are going use a different powder than what you have on hand.
  5. Yes, it appears to be cleaner burning but isn't that the claim of most powders? It is formulated to be used with powder coated/polymer coated bullets. Some other powders may dissolve or melt the coatings. I had a leading problem in my Lone Wolfe barreled Glock. I thought the problem may have been related to Titegroup dissolving the bullet coating but I it was more of a self induced reloading issue (not belling the case mouth adequately causing the coating to be scraped off as the bullet was seated.)
  6. I've recently switched from Titegroup to Alliant Sport Pistol. 2.9 grns of ASP behind Acme's 147 grn coated fb for 9mm minor.
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