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  1. Well.... if I didn't have the advice of the experts here, I would try something like this........ I would mount the optic first, and zero that in at my desired range. Once I had it grouping tight, I'd throw the gun in a vice, weld a cheek, and experiment with toothpicks or little pieces of fiber optic to mock the heights of the front and rear iron sights to co witness the dot. Once I was happy with all three witnesses I would measure my matchsticks and buy the appropriate height front and rear sights. I'm sure there's a better way. Did I hypothetically do it wrong?
  2. Curses, I was hoping they would start stamping serial numbers. They have been selling within minutes on calguns.net for the last few days... I saw several go for 17 hundred to 2k.
  3. That's funny George, I went over to the Sig Talk forum, read your thread, copied your photo, and pasted it here for you to look at. I thought I had new and relevant material from a different forum....... you're all over the interwebs. Anyway you're correct, I got my X models mixed up. So for verification, I found Almas photo of the back of the Romeo 1 co witnessing the Dot and the front sight...... that's what you want to see right? If your battery happens to go dead on your optic, you can line up Romeo's notch with the front sight and still be on target?
  4. Hold on, read this..The 2nd post claims that the R1 notch CO witnesses with the front sight of the x carry perfectly.http://sigtalk.com/showthread.php?t=256098
  5. The p320 RX models have iron sights matched to co witness the Romeo1 out of the factory. https://goo.gl/images/1qLJzu The X series will need taller sights.
  6. Does the Romeo 1 come in 2 different color reflective lens coatings? 99% of the time they are red, occasionly I see pictures of the R1 with a blue color lens. I can't find a distinction in the product details.
  7. I'm jealous, nice work! Take videos for us at the range. I just spent about 3 hours window shopping for the same pistol and it's acessories. Then I realized that micro stamping regulations were going to crush my dreams. I don't think the box is too big.That little guy has freedom to manifest his destiny. Or maybe room for a lefty.
  8. Hi Clamper, There are quite a few of us terminally hopeless classified window shoppers around here from Ca. I just spent the last several hours researching a pistol that I can't buy. On the bright side, this forum is full of experts. Its like a firearm encyclopedia with running commentary from the reader, the experts, and the peanut gallery.
  9. They do make conversion kits in fact. I'm looking for a loophole for Ca... Perhaps I can Frankenstein one to life from out of state parts to comply with the law.
  10. Jnr88, If you're still in the area, Richmond Rod and Gun Club has an action range, clays, and holds some USPSA events. Check the hours/weekdays of operation before you cross the bridge. Here is a link for 2018 http://www.richmondhotshots.com/ That's the only option in the east bay that I know of. Diablo rod and gun club is limited to air rifles, throwing knives, and axes right now (no joke). Lake Chabot rifle and trap range just closed permanently, and the San Leandro range is pretty lackluster.
  11. Wow this is an ancient thread. I was window shopping on the internet and I think a conversion kit would be fantastic for me. Where I shoot, the 22lr is on the house for varmint control, so the kit would pay for itself in no time. The problem is I don't have anything to convert. They don't make them for revolvers. Any suggestions or cautions on a LEFTY friendly, 9mm platform and a solid 22lr conversion kit? I realize there are several, I'm just looking for a few quick model and kit combos that work or, even better, a list of the ones that don't work. Thanks
  12. You guessed it, I live in California. Apparently they don't make exceptions to the state law for this sport. I suppose the bright side is that 3 Gunners in California, will by necessity, become Master Reloaders since they are so short stacked. The good news is, I spend the fishing season in Southern Oregon on the Williamson River at my own private 24-hour shooting range, Aka, mom and dad's ranch, which is nice... So, Californians, tell me what you know about ranges, clubs, smiths, and events in the Bay Area. Oregonians, how's your 3 gunning experience going? What's happenning in Southern Oregon? Any good three gun races? Restaurants? Bars? Fishing holes? (Klamath falls, Medford, Bend).
  13. Has anyone heard about the reliability of the M3K "Freedom Series"? It's the new Stoeger lineup with a 10 shell capacity mag. I'm weighing the options between models and wondering if it's better to go with the M3000 then add the Nordic +6 extension.
  14. I've seen guys who got a little carried away with their grinders have to come in with a TIG welder to add material. Then machine, grind, and sand it back to the original tolerances
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