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  1. Like a previous poster said, why is it production is always aimed at? For the past 6-8 months however long I’ve been involved in forums there’s been an excruciating amount of talk about production! If you change anything Lim major Lim minor open major open minor You’re never going to please everyone, stop trying.
  2. Coley, Vogel, Taran the list goes on. It’s the Indian not the bow or the arrow.
  3. I have a variant of glocktriggers.com triggers in all of my Glocks. For carry I use the skimmer. For competition I’ve tried both the edge and the Vogel, I prefer the edge. The difference is in the take up the Vogel has stock take up where the edge is reduced.
  4. My favorite is glocktriggers.com, I have their Hayley slimmer trigger in my carry guns and the edge I think it’s called in my 34.
  5. Just leave it at 10 it’s what separates stage planning from the other divisions and makes it more challenging imo.
  6. I like acme and sns myself, I got some BBI that were terrible. Blues are great but I don’t have smurf fingers after loading acme/sns.
  7. Pretty much what reverse said, unless you just like to tinker like I do the shadow 2 is pretty much gtg right out of the box. I went for the full Cajun build and I don’t think you’ll regret it but you certainly don’t need it.
  8. Gotta have patience it seems like they’re available in 9 for awhile then all of a sudden nothing but 40.
  9. I switched from Glock to CZ and I could tell a difference in my shooting.
  10. My wife LOVES to shoot...as long as it’s just punching paper. She just doesn’t get into the whole competition aspect and has some stigma about people watching her.
  11. I started out shooting limited but switched to production. Thinking about getting into CO, like others have said pick a division and shoot it for a season.
  12. Dbw2223

    CGW shadow 2 upgrades

    Alright cz aficionados I'm gonna cajunize my shadow 2. I've already had the s-2 rrk installed now I'm going to essentially add everything else. My question is what kind of benefits will I get with the race hammer kit? I am fairly confident I can install the slide parts and the hammer springs but I'd have to take it to a gunsmith to install the hammer and I'd really like to avoid that. Thanks for any info/advice
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