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  1. Which way should I be turning the top screw to increase over travel? If I measure from the top of the trigger to the bottom of the screw where it sticks out I get .305. If I pull the trigger all the way back and move the hammer back and forth it does not touch the sear. If I pull it all the way back the bottom of the trigger just touches the inside of the trigger guard.
  2. I tried that. No "steps" were felt but there was a slight contact sensation I could feel while moving the hammer back and forth.
  3. I'm thinking that too. Thats why I went with the Henning trigger because the stock trigger had too much pre travel and I couldnt adjust it out. I'm just not sure what the relationship should be between pre travel and after travel on the Henning.
  4. Hi Wally and thanks for your detailed answer. Judging by your pic my adjustment is similar to yours although I have more pre travel than what you probably have. Emailing Henning is a good idea though. I went to the range tonight and noticed that my hammer fell to half cock twice after applying the safety. Something is out of adjustment and I'm not sure if it is the trigger or a worn safety causing the half cock problem. Maybe the hooks are not catching on the sear properly.
  5. I have a Limited Custom Xtreme in .40 which I have installed a Henning short trigger in. I have no instructions on adjusting it or cant find any on youtube. There are 2 problems which have cropped up. A few times when racking the slide with a full mag the hammer has only gone to half cock. One other time I fired a shot and another shot went of immediately after without me seemingly pulling the trigger. I'm sure I dont have it adjusted properly and the reset seems short. I have 3 springs but they make little difference in trigger pull. It is running at 1lb- 7oz now. Any suggestions on what I should be doing to correct this?
  6. I have one on my LC Xtreme in .40. I glued some skateboard tape to the thumb pad and it works fine.
  7. I have 2 Xtreme LC's here in Canada. Both have been wet multiple times and have not had any rusting issues. I find the black coating very tough and both my guns show little wear. I think they describe the black coating as "ceramic" in the Xtreme manual. Rusting issues could be salt from sweat.
  8. We have to make 170PF in IPSC for Standard (Limited 10). I've been using Blazer Brass which says 985fps on the box and it is pretty consistent making that.
  9. Finally got my parts from PD that were stuck in Canadian customs due to the postal strike. I was getting light strikes on my Limited Custom Xtreme and decided to follow the advice of the more experienced Tanfo people here. First off I stripped the gun down to its individual parts. Small stuff went in the ultra sonic cleaner and the rest cleaned by hand. Thanks to the MM Youtube vids or I would not have attempted this. Gun had a Henning Xtended FP with an unknown FP spring. Hammer spring was unknown but looked like the factory original spring. It measured about 3/16" shorter than the new EG medium spring i ordered. This where I think the lite strikes were coming from, weak hammer spring. Also the slide stop was loose and you could wiggle the pin. Replaced that with new. Reassembled gun with a PD reduced power trigger spring, Canik trigger pin. Next was the PD xtended FP and spring. Then the EG medium hammer spring. I had also polished the FP and hammer spring channel. New Tanfo return spring for .40sw. Trigger pull is 1-8oz to 1-10oz. Have a PD reduced power sear spring but did not install Went to the range briefly and ran about 50rds of .40 maj with CCI primers through it and everything seems to work fine. Thanks to all who steered me in the right direction. Just have to find a reduced power spring for the mag release now.
  10. All good information here and I'm just waiting for my order to come from PD. Unfortunately it looks like a postal strike here so may be a while. I'm confident my ammo is good because it all worked perfect before and I changed only the powder but the PF was the same. I have noticed that the fp hits were slightly off center with the Henning but it didnt seem like a problem. So far I have installed the PD optimized trigger spring with some difficulty and the Canik trigger pin. I hope that pin doesnt want to work its way out, seems loose.
  11. Excellent information, there is a lot for me to digest. The only tuning on my Glock 35 was whether to go with a 2lb or 3lb striker spring. I hope the Henning FP will function properly with the PD FP spring. The trigger pull on the gun was 1lb 3oz as measured with a digital device. It had big pre travel and fairly long over travel which took some getting use to. I have a Henning flat short trigger which may go into one of the two Custom Xtremes I have. Also have both the PD optimized sear and trigger spring but neither are installed. I can see I will be experimenting with plenty of different spring combos to get this gun up and running reliably again. What is the best way to polish the FP and hammer spring channels?
  12. No problem there. I'm aiming for 1.130 oal plus or minus a few thou. They spin and drop out easily. Just ordered springs from Patriot and a new Xtreme sear so I have a spare. I need to get this gun reliable again.
  13. Thanks again John; I have a Tanfo Xtreme medium weight hammer spring which I'm going to try until I can source an EG med. I'm shooting 180gr plated flat points at 172-175 PF. I think the recoil spring is a 11.5 factory spring. Thats a good idea about the 6-10 rds at 7 yds. I'll give that a try. When disassembling the gun I found the slide stop was damaged. The pin part was loose and could be wiggled around. New stop on order
  14. Thanks John. I'm pre priming with Lee Bench Prime so the primers are deep. Every round I shoot is case checked. It seems to have plenty of over travel but I will add in some more. What hammer spring weight do you recommend for shooting .40 Maj? I need this gun to function with hard primers and factory ammo. What recoil spring weight should I be using for .40 Maj? Will order Patriot Defense firing pin spring.
  15. Have a Custom Xtreme in .40, the 2015 model. Bought used and has worked great for a year. Has Henning xtended firing pin and unknown fp spring. Measured the Henning fp at 2.623 and the original Tanfo fp that came with the gun at 2.603. Drop safety is removed. I'm shooting CCI or Winchester primers with 4.5-6 gr of Titegroup and 1.130 oal. This was totally reliable for about 3000 rds but now getting multiple lite strikes. About 6 today out of 80 rounds. Firing pin channel and extractor are clean. The only change I have made lately is switching from Titegroup to CFE Pistol. Seems to be worse with CFE pistol. Any suggestions where to start looking for solutions would be appreciated.
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