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  1. Post is still very helpful, thanks
  2. Thanks again. My weekends have been packed lately but I will keep those places in mind.
  3. Poortrader, Yes I am currently in South Philly.
  4. Thanks for the input. I have already implemented a few of the non-invasive mods such as a larger safety, an extended lifter, larger bolt release button, and extended mag tube. I will give it a shot and go from there.
  5. Does having the loading port professional modified hurt the resale value of a shotgun? I have grown up shooting but have never competed. I recently inherited a Benelli M2 and was thinking about giving 3-Gun a try. If it turns out 3-Gun isn’t my thing I will most likely look to sell/trade the M2 to acquire another firearm. So back to my question, if I have the port professional opened up by an experienced gunsmith, would it hurt its value?
  6. I have heard great things about Roth Performance (https://rothperformance.com); but they are on the pricer side.
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