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  1. I'm looking to replace my Stoeger M3K that I'm beyond frustrated with. Quite a few guys around me shoot and love Bredas, and one of my sponsors can get me one for a song. I've been looking at shops that work on them since I don't like doing that kind of work myself, and Dissident seems to be the one I'm leaning towards. Does anyone have any experience with their Elite package for the B12i? I'm not really seeing much anywhere, and most searches wind up with more results about their AK style work than anything else.
  2. Does anyone know of one for a Gen 4 PSA Glock lower? I’m having one hell of a time finding one.
  3. Thanks everyone. I’m getting a JP.
  4. I forgot about them. Yeah, they're a consideration. I think the MPX is out and it's really down to JP, CMMG, and MBX.
  5. I’ve been using my MP5 as my PCC for a while now, but the platform has its shortcomings, and it’s an SBR, so going to matches out of state is an ordeal, if possible at all. The three options I’m really looking at are CMMG, JP, and the MPX. The MPX really looks appealing, but people seem to be pretty split on it being awesome or terrible. CMMG has an interesting bolt design, and JP seems to be a popular option. Any opinions on the trio?
  6. Atlas. STI isn’t even in the same league.
  7. I love my Titan, but Cheely makes some sexy guns, too.
  8. I like it, but for that money, I’ll just get another Atlas.
  9. Tubadude


    I honestly don’t see the point of getting an STI right now. They’re supposedly replacing the Edge, but for now they’re out of the under $2k market, with the majority of their DVC lineup being over $3,000. At that point, I really don’t see why you wouldn’t just get an Atlas Titan or something similar from another superior builder for not much more money. More and more companies in this business are taking the Planet Fitness approach of trying to get as broad of a market appeal as possible while alienating their core users.
  10. Tubadude


    Yup. One of their shooters said the Staccato P was taking up the mantle in the 2011 group, and the mob did not like that answer.
  11. I’ve had no problems with my RO. My RIA had no problems once I replaced everything except the frame, slide, and barrel with Wilson parts.
  12. Tubadude


    I really hope they release a few new things at SHOT. If they get rid of the Edge and don’t replace it with something similar, that entire price segment will be gone from 2011s. If all they’re offering is $3,000 and up pistols, then I’d just tell everyone who asked me to savea few hundred more dollars for an Atlas or other custom shop gun. Now I’m going to be first in line for one of their John Wick 3 guns when those drop, so I’m not entirely anti STI.
  13. Just to tell my tale, I went with the Warwick initially, but some stuff happened, they refunded my money, and I got an Atlas instead.
  14. It's not as fancy as many people's rifles, but I run a plain A2 buffer, tube, and MOE stock. I'm considering the Zulu 2.0, but I'm also looking for similar stocks that have adjustable comb. Triggerwise, I really like the Geissele's SD-3G, but I'm going to pick up an AR Gold for my steel challenge 22 AR.
  15. The warranty is still good, and the kinks have probably been worked out. I'd be fine buying a used STI.
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