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  1. Hornady lists one chart for All types of bullet one weight. They list individual OAL for each bullet. David Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  2. Same charges. I found as you get lower in charge, ES goes up. My accuracy load is 5.0 with a 115 HAP @ 1.169". I have a long lead. It's only 929 fps with a 100 fps ES, but smallest groups. It will not cycle completely if limp wristed David
  3. I take back my answer. I am a bullseye shooter. I always sorted my brass. I have found with 9mm which I just started loading for this year, I have shot some incredible groups with mixed brass. I have also had some malfunctions from mixed brass. It seems everything is going well then all the sudden, I get a "Click" because I am not fully in battery. The brass was too short and did not get crimped enough or has a deformity that did not let it chamber properly. This is the only problem I am having with unsorted brass. I still
  4. There was a time just before I had the test above done I was going to an indoor range every day at lunch time. I was trying to make my home cast wadcutters shoot as well as the swaged hollow base ones bought in the store. I had a Ruger security 6 with a aftermarket match grade barrel and scope. I was doing a LOT of casting and shooting indoors. I never did get my home cast to shoot as well. Close, but not it. This was my best 5 shot group @ 50 feet with my home cast.
  5. I had been casting and shooting for 20 years. I asked my doctor to test me for lead. She said no, your insurance will not cover it. I said "I will pay for it". She said OK, I will put down you were exposed. That was in 2006. The next day I got a phone call. Lead level was almost 50. I asked what to do. She said I am finding out, you are my first patient with lead poison. I got letter and call from the state. I chose not to participate in the program. I gave up shooting, casting and reloading for a few years. Levels went down below 20. I
  6. Bullseye shooter here, I sort. I checked with crono and found a difference in SD. My best groups shot have been with sorted brass. Makes a big difference in my 223 rifle. Some difference in 38 and 45 target loads. It may not matter for other shooting sports, but I need all the help I can get, I same the oddball stuff for when I can't pick up my brass. David
  7. It may help shooting from a bench at a much smaller bull. Maybe 2 or 3" Black bull. Concentrate on the front site, squeeze slowly. See how well your gun and ammo combination does. Once you can see small groups, they will be easier to achieve knowing you and the gun are capable. Try different ammo from the bench. The target you posted looks good except the two 9s. David
  8. I was the first to reply. It seems they all agree with me. I did not want to make sound like a lecture, but I would never go to a competition with a new untested load. David
  9. 147 SnS coated. 4.2 CFE Pistol OAL 1.150 AV 906 ES 27 SD 8 This was out of a 3.1" Micro 9. Master Crony.
  10. Yes, I have used 25 grains 4895. Had better accuracy with 24.3 or 24.5 depending on brass and primer. Chroni results tomorrow. David
  11. I would go up on the powder and see if that is all the problem is. More than likely. David
  12. 124 nosler J HP, 5.0 CFE, 1.080 oal. Remington small pistol primer. Crony numbers at home, going to try with SnS coated 147, 124 and 115 next. Stay tuned. Average Velocity. 3 " barrel, 1066 5" barrel 1200 David
  13. Chronographed multiple loads yesterday. Unique, WW 231, and CFE pistol. CFE had by far the best ES of 6 from a 3" Kimber micro 9, and a full size Kimber 1911 9mm. David
  14. I have a bulldog. Go with the canalure. Bullets can pull when shooting because it's a light gun. Furm crimp with good neck tension. Don't hot rod the bulldog. David Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  15. The only jacketed I shoot are 110 JHP @ 1067 fps. using a Max load of blue dot . David
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